5 ways to feel better after a night of partying hard

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Dancing all night to great music in a club is awesome – but the next day can feel like hell. Being tired and hung over, we often spend most of the next day on the sofa or in bed.

To a certain degree, we accept that as the price of a great night. But does it have to be that way?

As a DJ, I have spent many nights in clubs and returned home when the sun was already rising and the birds were singing. When you do that on a regular basis, you don’t always want to feel completely destroyed on the next day.

Over the years, I found some ways to compensate at least some of the unwanted side effects of partying. Not all of these might work for everyone but I can confirm that these things have greatly helped me in being more productive on the next day while still being able to enjoy a good party:

  1. Take a “disco nap”
    When you want to stay awake all night long, it’s much easier if you don’t only rely only on willpower. A “disco nap” is basically a 20-30 minutes nap before you go out. If you really want to stay awake until 5 or 6am, you can even extend this a bit longer.

    The benefit of naps has actually been intensively studied. Even NASA has done studies on napping to figure out how they can increase alertness of pilots.

    I have to admit that NASA studies on pilots might not directly be transferable to party people but you might at least want to give this a try. This can help a lot to not feel so tired during the night and you will also feel much better on the next day.

  2. Eat a good dinner
    Having a good dinner (ideally with friends) before going out can make a big difference for your evening. You should try to get some good, healthy and not-too-heavy food. From my personal experience, some pasta or meat works well.This has several benefits: First of all, this is a quite enjoyable way to start the night.There is also the more concrete benefit that you will not feel so hungry late in the night and thereby avoid eating fast food.

    A good meal will also help your body absorb alcohol a little more slowly and you will therefore not get drunk as quickly. If you are interested in how this works, I recommend this article from Lifehacker. Basically, the food in your stomach ensures there is more time for the alcohol to be processed before it reaches the part of your digestive system where it can actually take effect.This actually takes us to one of the most important points…

  3. Be careful with the alcohol
    A completely rational human being would probably not touch alcohol. There are many good reasons that speak against drinking alcohol: A negative impact on your cognitive and motoric abilities, making a fool out of yourself, being hung over on the next day – and I am not even talking about the long-term effects.

    But let’s be honest: Going out is often less fun if you don’t even drink a little bit. What’s important here is to find a good balance between “sober and boring” and “drunk as hell”. There are many tipps for that particular aspect of a party but what it really boils down to is watching the total amount of alcohol that you are drinking.

    Unfortunately, this becomes more and more difficult the more drinks you have already had and therefore it’s often useful to define some rules for yourself with the first drink already.
    From my personal experience, it works really well to make every second or at least every third drink a non-alcoholic one. That could be just plain water but lemonade or cola also works. If you get really thirsty while dancing then non-alcoholic drinks are anyway a much better way to recharge your batteries.

    Which brings me to the next point….

  4. Have some energy drinks
    Not everyone is a big fand of energy drinks but they do have several useful purposes. First of all, they typically do not contain alcohol and you can therefore use them as described in the previous section. Secondly, they give you a boost of energy so you feel better and more awake. And if you find the right one for you, they actually taste good.You might want to be a little careful with how many of these you have though. Too much caffeine can make you feel strange and dizzy as well but in a way that you will probably not find very enjoyable.My personal experience is that I can typically have 2 energy drinks (e.g., Red Bull) per night without experiencing side effects.

    A nice alternative for me are mate-based iced tea drinks (e.g., Club Mate or Maya Mate). I like the taste of mate much better than that of a typical energy drink, they have less sugar and they also don’t give me the unpleasant side-effects.

  5. Know when to call it a night
    Some nights are magical. Those are the nights when everything is perfect: The people, the music, the lights, the venue and everything else. On a magical night, you will want to stay as long as possible and be the last one who leaves the dancefloor in the morning.

    The somewhat ugly truth is this: Most nights are not magical. This might be hard to accept but once you have been to a certain number of parties you know what I mean. Many parties that I have seen could easily have ended a few hours earlier and it wouldn’t have been a big loss for anyone. Those nights can still be fun and you might have a great time but they are not worth losing the entire next day over them.

    In many cases, the last people in the club are just the ones that have no reason to go home – or the ones who work there. At some point, the DJ is tired, the bartenders and security people are tired and everyone is just waiting for the party to end. Learn to recognize when it’s a good time to go home – there’s often no good reason to regret it.

What are your best tipps to feel better after a night of partying? Share them in the comments below!

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