Mix #126: The Global Swing Conspiracy

Global Swing Conspiracy

Behind those feel-good, bouncy Electro Swing tracks that we all love there is a hidden land of music. A different type of Swing. A darker, more bass-heavy type of Electro Swing. This mix is for those who dare to enter. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

All joking aside: This mix is somewhat different from the other Electro Swing mixes I have done before. This Glitch-Hop-influenced style seems to be more popular in the UK than anywhere else. As I mostly go to parties in Germany, I noticed that the style that is typically played in Germany (and in most other countries, as far as I can tell) is a bit more tame. While most of the world seems to prefer an emphasis on straight beats and melodies I have the impression that UK producers, DJs and dancers prefer broken beats, heavy basslines and wobble sounds instead. Personally, I enjoy both depending on my current mood – I just find it interesting to note how perception of music can be so different.


  1. incontroL, stabfinger, sir sway – chim chim cheree
  2. Caro Emerald – You Don`t Love Me (Phibes Remix) –
  3. Little Richard -Rip It Up (JPOD Remix)
  4. Ray! – Good Thymes (Opiuo Remixx)
  5. Funkanomics – Frida Funk
  6. Banja – Howla for Cheesecake
  7. Mat Tha Hat – Down Tha Rabbit Hole (Warp9 Remix)
  8. C@ in the H@ – Sneaky Bizniz
  9. The McMash Clan – Swing Break (feat. Kate Mullins) (Opiuo feat. Russ Liquid Remix)
  10. Foxy Cheex & Jem Stone – Lick the Spoon
  11. Smokey Joe & The Kid – Schön
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