“I do not know where this road is going to, but I know I’m on the right way.” – Shake Sofa interviewed

I have to admit it: I don’t know a lot about electronic music from Brazil. The only thing I do know is that I have been missing something here: Shake Sofa is the most recent example that proved this to me. His track “Move to Me” was already in my previous mix and when doing a bit of research it became apparent that this guy is truly a rising star.

With his deep and melodic style, releases on well-known labels like Armada Music or Great Stuff and airplay by BBC Radio One’s Pete Tong he has already reached a lot in a short time. It’s about time to learn more about Shake Sofa so I asked for an interview:

How did you get into producing electronic music?
I consider the start of my career about the end of 2012/beginning of 2013, when I decided to myself to start my own original tracks I had in mind. I also have an older and stronger music roots coming from my family, so it was only matter of time to have everything get more sense. The funny thing about my beginning as a Dj/Producer is that I had no idea of any name of plugins, vsts, youtube channels, mix techniques, audio schools, etc.. So there was a moment when I was ”forced” to learn everything by myself, from opening a project in DAW to any synth modulation, for example.

I remember when I signed my first track ”Move to Me” (released by ElectroniqueUK) I had no idea if what I was doing was ”right” or too bad. Even more I did not have any contact to talk about this kind of music in that moment – so I followed my intuition. Just when the track got some awards on Beatport, Traxsource, etc, also was supported by greatest artists and when it was played by Pete Tong on BBC RADIO 1 i simple cried for a week (laughs). Then I thought: ”I do not know where this road is going to, but I know I’m on the right way.”

How would you describe your style?
I never bother to follow any rules, but in the end the result fit in something like Deep House/Techno/Indie Dance/etc. I never worried about to do an ”exclusive” style just to sign in a label ”x” or ”y”, I just worry about making music. Making good music. And this is my combustive for each new studio session: make a better music of mine.
People always talk about plugins, blablabla which are also important yes, but more than everything (in my opinion) when you worry about doing something real for you, even if it is out of any rule, the final result can be far beyond what could be predicted/imagined.

What are your most important influences and inspirations?
My main inspirations always come from tracks/artists of the end of 70’s (gold age of real music in my opinion) and some regional artists from Brazil of Sertanejo Raíz (Roots), Samba, MPB, Bossanova.

You have released tracks and remixes on various international labels like Great Stuff or Armada Music. How did you get in contact with them?
Well, I just send some tracks, they liked and they signed them.
And I also can tell you i have a great surprise to come out with Great Stuff soon.

How would you describe your local music scene for someone living on the other side of the globe?
In Brazil (general):
We are living a very special moment into Electronic Music Scene. Some days ago I saw one video from Fabo (Playperview) and some friends talking about one party that they organized in Curitiba, during the Carnaval Season. They managed to unite more than 40.000 people on the streets to listen and appreciate their shows (the previous record from the ”normal” Carnaval without any electronic music were something like almost 10.000 people).
It’s very important, yes. People are opening their minds for new music and I also can tell you that the sounds who were called underground are now ”stealing” the mainstream scene, without losing any underground roots and features.

In my city/region:
I live in a very small city in the southeast here in Brazil called Varginha.
Just to you know, I have more numbers of plays in my song ”If You’re Not in Love” (something more than 200.000 on YouTube) than the number of people who live here (almost 120.000).
But I love Varginha, it’s a blessed place to live your life with peace, inspiration, simplicity and gratitude. The fact that I live here never stopped me from making my music to go to the other side of the world.
Varginha is too important, that some people even say that we have been visited by beings from another planet. You know the history, right? (laughs)
One of the biggest concerns I have is to leave a wonderful legacy for future artists from my city.

Which track or remix are you most proud of and why?
1)”Move to Me” (released by Electronique UK) and 2)”Haunted feat. the amazing singer Liz Krestchmer” (a collab with the greek dj/producer Saccao released by Armada Music) – both tracks represents too special feeling and both were made in a very blessed moment in my life.

1) Constantinne & Felten – To You Nothing (Shake Sofa Remix) (released by Spirit Soul Records) – Cause of this song I met three brazilian monster producers/djs named Miro Constantinne, Bruno Souza and Carlos Felten, which represents the trio ”Constantinne & Felten”, and we are huge friends nowadays. The magic just was possible cause of the ”connection” made by Spirit Soul Records when the label owner asked me to do my remix for this track – When I heard the original one I thought: ”Wooowwww, where does this song come from? Who are those guys??” and i checked they were Brazilians. I’m not doing any advertising for Spirit Soul Records, but who knows them knows how much special they are.

What are your plans for the future?
I planning to sign with a great DJ Agency to get a better opportunity to play my music in some clubs here in Brazil and, mainly, outside here. I want to see the world, different kind of people, studios, partners, make more music, etc.

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