Mix #117: The Evolution of Acid

Acid smileys

Acid has been a flavor of house and techno music for a long time and even though the ingredients for this type of sound (repetitive arpeggiated 303 basslines and straight beats) might seem somewhat limited I still enjoy it when a track uses some of these ingredients.

I see a bit of an evolution happening here: While the type of acid house or acid techno that you would hear in the late 80s or early 90s has long passed its peak there is still a significant amount of new great music that clearly pays tribute to those early days of electronic dance music.

Few of the pioneers of that time are still around (e.g., Hardfloor), but a couple of younger artists (like Mumbai Science or Far Too Loud) have been experimenting with acid sounds. I love seeing that evolution happen and I tried to combine some oldschool influences with newer sounds in this mix:


  • Fukkk Off – Rave Is King (2014 Remake)
  • Swen Weber – First Stroke
  • Hardfloor – Analogue Bubbletea
  • Pirate Jams – Acid Party People
  • Far Too Loud – Acid 9000
  • Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels – It’s Our Future (Deadmau5 Re-edit)
  • Mumbai Science – Unite
  • Sweet Light – Abusator (Black Strobe Remix)
  • Emmanuel Top – Turkish Bazar
  • Elias Kazais – My Happy Robot
  • Hardfloor – Acperience 1 (Robert Babicz Spacefunkmix)

Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bobaliciouslondon/5196843736/ // CC-by

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