Mix #112 – The Lobby

I have been traveling quite a bit in the last couple of months, and while I considered myself somewhat savvy about different cultures already, there are always new things that you can only learn by going to different places on the planet. The breadth of cultures, art, music, businesses and people never stopped to amaze me and it is fascinating how different things can be from how they are at home.

However, I learned that there are also some constants. For example, hotel lobbies often felt to me like they didn’t actually belong to the country that they were located in. They are designed in a way to feel welcoming for a traveller from pretty much anywhere and as a result they often seem somewhat generic. I do not mean this in a negative way – it is probably an art in itself to create such a place. Once, I was standing in the lobby of a hotel close to my home city and I noticed that this could be anywhere on the planet and probably wouldn’t feel displaced.

This observation came to my mind when I was recording this mix. I started selecting Drum&Bass-tracks with influences from various traditional types of music from around the globe. Those are sounds that you would normally not hear in the same DJ set, but from a traveller’s perspective it somehow fits together. The common beat acts a bit like the glue here that holds it all together – just like the lobby of a hotel is a place where people from around the world can feel welcome even though they would not normally meet.

Here is the mix:

There are two artists that I would like to highlight in this mix:

First of all, I discovered the works of Peshay only recently even though he already has quite a long discography  and has worked together with well-known artists like LTJ Bukem or DJ Shadow. I find it really amazing how he combines so many different influences from around the world in his music, adds some fat beats and makes it sound like it was always meant this way.

I also liked the productions of DJ Neber very much. I can’t say much about this guy as all the information I could find are in Spanish, but apparently he is a DJ from Mexico who puts a lot of effort into remixing Latin tunes and combining them with broken beats. Check out his SoundCloud page, there is a lot of good stuff to find there!


  1. Candy – Ta travaudia
  2. Amsterdam Klezmer Band – Papa Chajes (Basement Freaks Remix)
  3. Peshay – New Orleans
  4. DJ Neber – Muevete
  5. Daniela Mercury – Vou Batê Pá Tu
  6. DJ Patife, Mad Zoo, Itala – Legacy
  7. Roberto Carlos – O Calhambeque (XRS Remix)
  8. DJ Neber – Mi bomba
  9. Peshay – Jungle Jazz
  10. Link – Troubled
  11. Ronald Aquinas – Half A Nanna
  12. Dirty Dubsters – Cease Fire Selecta
  13. Sub Focus – Flamenco

Image by mrkathika // CC-by-sa

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