Mix #110: Between the Years

As I am writing this, it is the last week of 2013. This is a time that we call “between the years” here. It is a time that always has a special atmosphere to me. It feels like time is not passing in its normal pace – sometimes it flies, sometimes it seems to stand still. It is a time during which most people look back at the previous year, look forward to the new year and when you have time to think and relax. I really enjoy this time of the year, and I think it really helps to start the new year with a fresh mind.

I wanted to capture this atmosphere in a mix. Smooth and deep Drum&Bass seemed to be the perfect sound for a time that feels like being both fast and slow. Here we go:

I was positively surprised to discover that Good Looking Records started releasing again this year. Founded by DnB pioneer LTJ Bukem in the early 1990s, this label was one of the most important labels for early DnB. I had not followed them for a while and their output was also rather low in the last couple of years, but it seems like there is something happening and some good stuff is coming from them again. If you like smooth, jazzy and funky DnB tunes, then check out their Collectivism compilation! I included two tracks from this compilation in this mix: “Vision Quest” and “Let The Groove Roll On”.

Naibu’s album “Habitat” is one of the few albums that I really enjoy from beginning to end. It sounds smooth, but never boring and is also refreshingly different from many “normal” DnB albums. I love how Naibu plays with the rhythm in “Dig the Past” and this works nicely when layered with a straight beat.


  1. Colossus – Icarus
  2. Scott Allen & Deeper Connection – Vision Quest
  3. Astral – Saturday
  4. Satl – Signature
  5. Naibu – Dig The Past
  6. Colossus – Clarity
  7. FD – Look Through Me
  8. Cutworks – My Brain Has Been Tryin’ To Escape
  9. Matizz – Through My Eyes (Future Engineers Re-Set)
  10. Intelligent Manners & Dynamic – Let The Groove Roll On
  11. Phoneheads – Midnight Marauders (Phoneheads RMX)
  12. Bungle – The Siren (Bladerunner Rollers Mix)
  13. Future Ghost – Just Like Losing You
  14. Kalum – Deepest Blue

Image: Kevin Trotman // CC-by-nc-nd

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