Mix #106: Le Swing is King

Le Swing Is King

Swing music has brought a lot of good things to me in the last couple of years. I have had many DJ bookings for playing Electro Swing , I have had a lot of fun nights with awesome people and I have gotten to know a lot of great music. This is more than enough reason to declare:”Le Swing is King” – and dedicate a new mix to the king.

It has been almost three years since I interviewed incontrol, and while I haven’t spoken to him in the meantime I do have the impression that he has also been treated well by Le Swing. His latest cooperation with Wolfgang Lohr is pure dancefloor gold and one of my recent favorites.

Another one of my recent favorites is Dutty Moonshine’s collaboration with Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer. This gentleman has developed his own style called “Chap Hop” which sounds more or less like the very, very oldschool british version of HipHop. This collaboration is one of the most dynamic Electro Swing tracks I have heard so far and it has become a track that I played in almost all of my recent club sets.

I would also like to highlight the track “Jayjay” by La Rochelle Band that has been released on Parov Stelar’s label Etage Noir. This one’s not a typical Electro Swing track, but more influenced by Ska and Jazz. Very bouncy tune, also one of my recent favorites.

I decided to close the mix with two tracks that might remind you of your childhood: “Can the Frog Tap Dance” is a remix of the classic Muppets theme, and Jamie Berry delivers a swinging version of the Super Mario theme that will certainly make you smile.


  1. Dutty Moonshine & Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer – Fancy a Tipple
  2. La Rochelle Band – Jayjay (Roland Schwarz Club Version)
  3. Parov Stelar Trio – The Invisible Girl
  4. Klischee – Tin Tin
  5. Incontrol & Wolfgang Lohr – Le Swing ist King
  6. Gary Caos & Rico Bernasconi – La Trompette (Caos Club Mix)
  7. Kitten & The Hip – Shut Up And Dance
  8. Matt Mason – Dreamin’
  9. The Crystal Spring Ramblers – Fort Worth Stomp (The Swing Bot Remix)
  10. Hanna Haïs & Gramophonedzie – Le Swing
  11. Stranger Danger – Holladown Doinwork
  12. Dr. Cat & D.J. Pony – Can the Frog Tap Dance (Electromuppets)
  13. Jamie Berry – Mario Bros (Electro-Swing Remix)

Image: Laurie Pink // CC-by-nc-sa

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