Mix #105: “Frozen Wobble”

ice cubes

A “Frozen Wobble” is a cocktail that my friend Phonkmaster and I invented while joking around. We don’t know what it would taste like or what the ingredients should be, but it would be a drink dedicated to the wobbling sounds you often find in recent electronic music – and it would certainly taste fantastic!

I decided to name this mix “Frozen Wobble” because many of the tracks do have those wobble sounds, but don’t use them in such an aggressive way as many Dubstep or Electro House productions. It’s a mix of deep Tech House with some UK Garage flavor and a drop of Acid. This mix is best served cold.


  1. Blake Baxter & Marc Romboy – House Ya
  2. My Nu Leng- Scatter
  3. Mak & Pasteman- Dither
  4. Dubbel Dutch – Trollsta (Round Table Knights Remix)
  5. Foamo – Release Me
  6. Forget Me Not – What Were You Gonna Say (Auntie Flo Remix)
  7. Puretone – Addicted To Bass (Differentgear mix)
  8. Drauf & Dran – Mischief
  9. Moonbootica – Watt Bird
  10. Gesaffelstein – Variations
  11. Deas – In the Car
  12. Quivver – 2 Notes ‘n’ a Beat
  13. Tomcraft – Boogie Nights (Like an Eagle)

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/elainelope/4764899042/ // CC-by-nc

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