Mix #101: “World Wide Wave”

I always said, that I don’t like to play tracks that sound like Dance music tunes of the 90s, because in my opinion, this is a genre of electronic music, which is commercial and not very artful. So I didn’t play such tracks in my former mixes. Until a good friend of mine asked me to make a mix with his track collection, which includes Techno, House, Breaks, Electrohouse, Dirty Electro and as well 90s Dance alike tunes.

There were many artists and songs, I did not knew before. To fulfill my friend’s request, I have listened to these tracks for quite a while and tried to put the puzzle together. Then, I mixed the chosen songs and was satisfied with the outcome. During this period, I grew familiar with this kind of sound and enjoyed it a lot.

That is why I changed my mind and conclude, that this 90s Dance alike style is a happy, feelgood and positive energy providing sound, which makes many people move their body – and I appreciate and respect that!

Spread the sunny vibes and be a part of the World Wide Wave!


  • Avrosse & Louie Cut – Rolla
  • Ventil Shape – Max Payne
  • Overwerk – Daybreak
  • Manel Diaz – Wicked Waves (Avrosse remix)
  • Acetronic – What you need
  • Daniel Portman – Out at Night
  • Electrixx – Ice Ice Baby
  • Freak Slaughter – Show yourself & Slam it
  • SirensCeol – The Time of our Lives
  • Junky Sond Frankk Loony – Ohh my God
  • Tom Reason – Focus
  • Alex Mind – Facelift
  • BioBlitz – Globe Warmer (Farleon remix)
  • Blaster – Lazers
  • Boys Noize – Reality (F.O.O.L remix)
  • Zeds Dead & Omar LinX – Cowboy (F.O.O.L remix)
  • Montee – Blow up the Fest (BioBlitz remix)
  • Rone – Parade (Dominik Eulberg remix)


Foto by Greg Brock // CC-by-nc-sa

About Zapalodd (12 Articles)
Music is my passion and I go with the flow. Whether it is calm or loud, slow or fast, soft or hard, or sweet medium. Music simply makes me feel good, motivates me and makes me think of various topics and ways of life. When I have a day without music, something is missing.

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