“The sounds at night are sometimes really fascinating and inspiring” – RealMother interviewed



Many people expect artists who create dark and hard sounds to be somewhat dark personalities. In the case of RealMother, a young Cologne-based artist producing dark Techno, this is certainly not the case. I met with him in a local bar for an interview, and it was probably one of the most relaxed interviews I have done in quite a while. RealMother was very open, friendly and clearly in a good mood – and he has all the reason to be in that mood: With releases on Shout Records (Italy), Voodoo Records (Athens, Greece) and Kopfmusik (Cologne, Germany), he has been raising quite a bit of attention in the Techno crowd recently.

To get an impression of his sound, here is a DJ set by RealMother:

When I asked RealMother about his influences, we quickly came to talk about movies. With track names like “Super Gravitron”, “Deep Space”, “Strange Planet” or “Singularity”, it quickly became clear that we shared an interest in science fiction.

“My sound is greatly influenced by dark science fiction movies like Event Horizon, Alien or ¬†Matrix. I also love the art of H.R. Giger, he is a big inspiration for me. All of this doesn’t feel too negative for me, I just find it fascinating. I think that if I lived under the circumstances that this art shows, I would probably find it more or less normal – even though I wouldn’t really want to live in those movies.”

Apart from these influences, he has also been listening to various different styles of music in his life that inspired his work:

“My early influences included HipHop, but also a lot of Metal and Industrial music like Nine Inch Nails or Rammstein. During a holiday trip, I discovered House music and later Techno. More recently, I was influenced by dark Techno DJs like Marcel Dettmann or Chris Liebing. I also like some hard Techno stuff, but this stuff is a little too fast for me. I try to use the grooves, but at a lower speed, similar to what Monika Kruse does.”

In spite of all those very different influences, RealMother has a clear idea of which sound he wants to make. Having a clear position on this also seemed to have helped him when working with other producers:

“It was really interesting to work with Felix Lorusso with whom I worked on a couple of tracks and remixes. In the beginning, this was not so easy for me since you always open a part of your own soul in every track you make, and producing together can only work if you respect each other. Felix is much more experienced than I am, but it went quite well. I started with just a loop that I sent him, he worked on some beats and effects and sent it back to me, and it went back and forth. Our sounds are different, but I think we met somewhere in the middle, and I am really happy with the results.”

While many electronic music producers started as DJs, RealMother has only started approaching DJing more recently, and there is also a story behind this:

“I really had a bad start as a DJ a couple of years ago. I had bought a digital vinyl system as my first equipment, and this didn’t work too well. My equipment had some problems a few times when I wanted to play in public, and this really made me nervous. For several years, I had completely lost the interest in DJing because I thought I couldn’t do it well and I concentrated completely on producing. However, a good DJ friend of mine re-introduced me to the decks, took me along to some gigs and also let me play a couple of times. Matteo, my friend, gave me back my confidence about DJing through this. I am now DJing with CDs, which works a lot better for me, and I have had a couple of successful solo gigs recently, so I definitely want to do that more in the near future.”

With so many things to be proud of and to look forward to, we also talked about what he does to get inspiration and energy he needs for his music:

“Sometimes, I just need to not make any music for one or two months, to make the canvas white again. Of course, I don’t simply do nothing during those times, but I look a lot at art or movies. I also live pretty close to a big industrial complex, and just listening to the sounds at night there are sometimes really fascinating and inspiring…”¬†

Here are some recent releases by RealMother:

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