Mix #93: Summer Swing

I felt it was about time for a new Electro Swing mix. I had collected so many great new tracks in the last couple of months that I couldn’t resist showing them. Here is the mix:

I have to admit that I though for a while that Electro Swing would just be a short-lived trend. I really like this style, but it seemed that only a few artists were really producing tracks in this direction. However, right now I have to say that the opposite is true: More and more producers are bringing out new stuff, the pioneers (like Parov Stelar or Caravan Palace) are releasing great new albums and also my own party series “Swing United” is quite successful.

I am also happy about a few producers I have only discovered recently: Lazlo is such an example, who has recently released his debut album full of very nice and sunny Electro Swing tracks.

Discotizer, whom we featured here earlier, has also recently released his first Electro Swing single, and I must say it is really one of my favorites recently. Very catchy, very danceable and perfect to bring a smile to your face.

This mix also includes the Parov Stelar remix of “Shoot Him Down” by Alice Francis. She already talked about this one in our interview, and I have to say that Parov’s treatment has probably made this one an instant Electro Swing classic that will be celebrated on many dancefloors.
I would also like recommend Umami who have defined their own style in this genre. Their productions are usually somewhat deeper and a bit melancholic, but still very danceable.


  • Caravan Palace – Clash
  • Got K.D.S – Swang! (Feat. Crystal Distortion)
  • Parov Stelar – Jimmy’s Gang
  • Alice Francis – Shoot Him Down (Parov Stelar Club Version)
  • Swing Republic – Crazy in Love (Vassili Gemini Remix)
  • Lazlo – Busy Line
  • Gary Caos – Party People (Caos Club Mix)
  • Pizeta – Magic Light
  • umami & Stereo Express – Get Up (Original Mix)
  • Stereo Express – Shadoorack
  • Lazlo – Beautiful People
  • Caravan Palace – Dramophone
  • Discotizer – Will She (Single)

Image: Franco Bouly // CC-by-nd

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Marvis is the founder of Sweet Headache. He lives in Cologne (Germany) and has been a music nerd for a long, long time.

3 Comments on Mix #93: Summer Swing

  1. Lieba Marvis! Köln ahoi… Bin hoite üba GuteFrage bzgl. ElektroSwings hia mal vorbaigeswingt und lade mir gerade Dainen Mix runta. Wenn dea juut ist, dann tanze ich alsbald auf Dainer Veranstaltung in Köln.

  2. Hi
    Wo kann ich denn diesen grandiosen Mix herunterladen!?
    gruss gotti

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