Mix #92: “Massive Dose of Vitamins” (by Zap’al’odd)

I work at a fruit store during the summer. At this place, I meet all kind of different people which have one thing in common: They want a massive dose of vitamins. But most of the people forget an important aspect: Quality has its price!

Many people leave the store angry about the price of the fruits. They keep telling me: “I get it much cheaper at the supermarket!” And I always explain: “It is good quality.” I don’t understand these people buying a bucket full of unripe fruits at the supermarket instead of buying one kilo of fruits, which not only taste much better, they are as well much healthier.

This aspect of quality control is also important for music. Support the local music scene and the high quality productions by musicians, who are not only concerned about the money they earn with their releases. Otherwise there will be a lot of “unripe” music in your town.

My mix: “Massive Dose of Vitamins” consists of 14 House, Techno and Minimal tracks, which are fruity, fresh and tasty.
4 tracks: “Rampa & Re. You feat. Meggy – Yeah Yeah Yeah”, “Sian – East of Eden”, “Secret Cinema & Peter Horrevorts – Ana Bola” and “Adam Port – Black Noise” are taken from the new Cocoon Compilation L, which stands for high quality electronic music, since 12 years. I would like to highlight the two productions by Superflu & Andhim: “Reeves” and “Scuzzlebutt”, which are real summer tunes with nice melodic parts. “Florian Meindl – What is Techno (Shadow Dancer remix)” and “Ramon Tapia – Vagabonds” are great Techno tracks and fit perfectly together.
The outro track: “Dapayk & Padberg feat. Caro – Island (Noze remix)” is beautifully calming down the mix with sweet vocals and a slow beat.


1. Rampa & Re. You feat Meggy – Yeah Yeah Yeah
2. Superflu & Andhim – Reeves
3. Daniel Mehlhart – Bad Ass Motherfunker
4. Umami & Stereo Express – Get Up
5. Sian – East of Eden
6. Superflu & Andhim – Scuzzlebutt
7. Umami – We don’t need words
8. Florian Meindl – What is Techno (Shadow Dancer remix)
9. Ramon Tapia – Vagabonds
10. Secret Cinema & Peter Horrevorts – Ana Bola
11. Adam Port – Black Noise
12. Cari Lekebusch – Boiling the Frog
13. Miro Pajic – Make Me
14. Dapayk & Padberg feat Caro – Island (Noze remix)

Foto by Robert Molinarius / CC-by-nc-sa

About Zapalodd (12 Articles)
Music is my passion and I go with the flow. Whether it is calm or loud, slow or fast, soft or hard, or sweet medium. Music simply makes me feel good, motivates me and makes me think of various topics and ways of life. When I have a day without music, something is missing.

2 Comments on Mix #92: “Massive Dose of Vitamins” (by Zap’al’odd)

  1. Ursula Aistleitner // July 31, 2012 at 19:17 // Reply

    Perfect vitamin mix, super photo-zum Anbeißen, give me more dosis

  2. ((:§ nach näherer Beschallung schon gut!

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