The State of Music in General

The other day, I watched this video of Henry Rollins talking about the current state of music in general. He is a Rock musician, and our musical tastes probably do not have very much in common, but I like the point he makes: The current state of music is very positive!

It might be hard to see why everything seems to be so great in music. Many artists, labels and merchants are complaining about how downloads are impacting their business by driving down sales and how hard it has become for artists to become successful. This might be true for some artists, but from a consumer and DJ perspective I can’t complain about a lack of good new music – from my subjective view, there is even more good music coming out for my personal taste than ever before.

Even mainstream music does not seem to be hurt much as this interesting infographic shows.

So what do you think? Has music in general become better or worse over time?

School of Pop: A look into the Digital Music Industry
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  1. Interesting article. As for the question of wether music is getting better? I’m afraid it’s not. Just looking at the last chart proves that. The tactic that the music business is using nowadays is to make their stuff as easily accessible for as many people as possible. Now of course, they’ve always been doing that, but back in history there often (not always) was a certain quality standard which is lacking from the overwhelming majority of today’s mainstream music. It’s quantity over quality.

    That’s why Katy Perry having had as many number one hits as MJ isn’t impressive at all – her songs are so simple that it’s not hard at all to pack an album with potential hits for dumb kids.

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