Mixtape: “Goosebumps”

Recently, I was asked to compile some tracks in a mixtape-style. That means just creating a selection of songs and tracks than are just played one after the other instead of actually mixing them. This was an interesting exercise to me. I took the opportunity and chose a few of my favorites that I wouldn’t normally play in a DJ set. These are all tracks that have given me goosebumps at some point and that are special to me.

Goosebumps mix from marvis on 8tracks Radio.



Strahler 70 – Tina Tuna Tune
I haven’t heard anything from that artist before or after that track. It was released in the late nineties on some obscure German Electro label called “Maelstrom Recordings”. If you ever have the chance to listen to that track at night while looking at the stars, you’ll understand why I put it in this mix.

Oliver Koletzki – Hypnotized
Electronic dance music is often seen as cold, machine-like music. This track is different as it has a lot of warmth and atmosphere while still being danceable. Love it!

Parov Stelar – Shine
Parov Stelar has been one of my favorite artists in the last few years. He is most famous for being one of the inventors of “Electro Swing”, a musical genre that combines swing sounds from the 1920s/30s with today’s electronic dance music. This track is a bit of an exception as it’s not really danceable, but very atmospheric. However, you should definitely check out the rest of his work. This guy is brilliant!

The Glitch Mob – We Can Make The World Stop
This track feels like an anthem to me. Great melodies, slow buildup and brilliant use of glitch sounds that I haven’t heard anywhere else in this quality.

Nine Inch Nails – Only (Richard X Remix)
This is one of the cases where the remix is actually better than the original.

Waldorf – Get Ready For Your Last Dance (ATOC Mix)
It’s more the lyrics than the music that give me gosebumps here – or actually, it’s the combination of the straight House beats and the gloomy lyrics.

Northern Lite – Cocaine
I just love how this song slowly builds up and changes. Northern Lite is an excellent band, and they are really good at combining club sounds with dark rock.

Moderat – A New Error
I saw Moderat live a few years ago, and what really impressed me was the style of the projections that they used with the music. Their videos are often rather simple, but fit really well to the music.
Example: http://www.tape.tv/musikvideos/Moderat/A-New-Error

Roisin Murphy – Overpowered
She used to be the singer of Moloko, a band that I really liked. This is a song from her first solo album. What I really like about this one is how it uses 303 Acid synths to create a very melancholic mood. I just can’t get enough of 303 Acid sounds. 🙂

No.Not.Never – Cold Hearted
This is a cover version of a Paula Abdul song. What I really like here is the mix of melodic and atonal elements.

Fever Ray – Seven
I haven’t heard this kind of singing anywhere else. Seeing her live was also a great experience that truly blew me away – even though the music is actually quite slow.

Nneka – Heartbeat (Chase&Status Remix)
The original is already pretty good, but this remix gives it a bit of an aggressive twist.

Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize
This track is pretty new, but I have never heard a combination of Dubstep and real instruments like this before. I wish there was more music in this direction!

Burial – Archangel
I still remember when exactly this track gave me goosebumps: It was the last day of my previous job a few years ago. I was driving home, the road was empty and there was a thick mist everywhere. This was the perfect atmosphere for this music. I also like Burial for taking UK Garage to the next level and exploring shades that not too many artists have explored before.

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marylane/520905761/ // CC-by-nc-sa

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