Sweet Headache 086: “Bouncy”

This mix has been created to make you bounce. Yes, I mean bounce like a rubber ball on a bouncy castle. Tune in, and you’ll understand what I mean. Have fun!

Most electronic dance music emphasizes the main beats in its rhythm: 1-2-3-4. This is what’s usually the most obvious approach when you create a track, but I have found that it can also sound quite cool when the off-beats are emphasized. This gives tracks this nice bouncy feel. I have seen this rhythmic pattern a lot in the tracks that I used for my Swing Tech-mix last year, but this pattern is not limited to Electro Swing.

Some of my favorite tracks in this mix: I really like what Drauf&Dran have done to the Pulp Fiction theme. There are a lot of remixes of that song, but this one is more like a cover version than like a remix. Good job!

I was a bit surprised when I heard Thomas Schumacher’s “Picanha”. This guy is a Techno legend, and I was only familiar with his hard-banging Techno productions so far. “Picanha” is different in a positive way, and it’s great to see how people who have been in the EDM scene forever can develop their style.

For me, the track “Great Khali” by Andrea Roma and Mark Denken is one of the best examples of how Electro Swing and Tech House can go together: It does include Swing samples, but there are also a lot of Tech House-style sounds in there that make it sound a little cooler than most Electro Swing tracks. A few of my friends have been telling me that most Electro Swing tracks are a little over the top for them, and tracks like “Great Khali” might work better for people who are used to Tech House and Techno sounds.

The final track, Paul Kalkbrenner’s “Kleines Bubu” (German for “little nap”) is another great example of an artist’s development: After Paul’s massive success with the movie “Berlin Calling”, a lot of people accused him of selling out. I think that his last album (where this track is also included) actually proves that this is not true and that he is still one of the most interesting German Techno artists.


  • Stefan Trummer – Hinterzimmergedudel (Arts & Leni Remix)
  • Andhim – Holger der Polka
  • Drauf & Dran – Pulp
  • Doublscotch – Via Con Me
  • Dan Caster – Wunderbar
  • Drauf & Dran – La Bikke
  • Herr Tischbein – Sympathie (Aka Aka Remix)
  • Andrea Roma, Mark Denken – Great Khali
  • Thomas Schumacher – Picanha
  • Oscar Barila, Oscar Sala – Vent De La Nuit
  • Butch – Amelie
  • Nicone – Hanaetano
  • Justin Side – Voodoo (Mollono.Bass Clubmix)
  • Paul Kalkbrenner – Kleines Bubu

Image: josie_marie // CC-by-nd

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Marvis is the founder of Sweet Headache. He lives in Cologne (Germany) and has been a music nerd for a long, long time.

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  1. This track is amazing! Thank you!

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