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I am an audio engineer, who has studied at the Audiocation Audio Academy. I prefer Audiocation to the SAE, because of the payment method (Audiocation monthly; SAE all at once), which does not make it much cheaper, but easier to afford. Plus the fact, that it is a correspondence course. Learning, when and wherever you like, is a great relief for people who have a job at the same time. Although, the indication at the webpage, saying that the course has an expenditure of 10 – 15 hours per month, that was not managable for me (needing 25 – 30 hours), because at some technical topics I had to google or read in the secondary literature (I have bought two books by Bobby Owsinski: “The Mixing Engineers Handbook” and “The Audio Mastering Handbook”, which I recommend).

The practice and theory lessons at the end of every month are useful and varied.  For practice you get the tracks of a song, which you mix and master, upload and get a feedback on. I have to mention, that the selection of songs concentrates on Pop and Rock music. Electronic music is only represented by one Hip Hop and one Trip Hop song, which is somewhat too little for my taste. The theory is well structured and informative. Every month there is a multiply choice test which you pass when answering at least 50 % of the questions correctly.

Especially the listening examples, which are presented in a player to every theme of theory, are helpful and made me understand a lot.

There is also a hearing training, which consists of 9 modules, starting with easy to solve frequency examples and ending with tiny frequency differences, which you have to listen carefully. This training is very necessary and it costs a lot of time.

I have really profited from the audio engineer professional course at Audiocation, because my knowledge of mixing, mastering and sound recording has increased and the sound quality of my home-productions has improved a lot.

Helge Beckmann, audio engineer & guitarist, who has studied popular music and media at the university of Paderborn, at the music college in Detmold and at the Tonmeisterinstitut Detmold, is a patient and understanding lecturer and the manager of Audiocation.

The support by Audiocation is also guaranteed after you have finished a course and the feedback during the course is very professional and includes personal listening examples and screenshots of plug-in settings. Especially the certification, which you get after the final exam, consisting of a personal project, is a very nice paper with a hologram in gold and a list of topics that were taught in the course.

It means many hours of learning and costs a lot of money, but in my opinion, it is worth to consider Audiocation Audio Akademy – Audio Engineer Pro – course, if you like to learn something about mixing, mastering and sound recording.

START:           every 1st of the month

 DURATION:   12 months

 COSTS:           149 euro / month

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