Sweet Headache 084: AUDIO SAFARI I 2012 – Live @ KGB Jan´2012 (by BSSLN)

Well, this 1h40mins-mix was the opening on 6th January 2012 @ KGB in Cologne. I just thought it would be nice to share this more gentle selection with you all. Unfortunately I couldn´t manage to have a full tracklisting for you.

But what I can tell you is that there is always an inspiring artist, an album or a tune that gets me to do another mix. The inspiration for this mellow-style selection was definitely Margaret Dygas, a Polish born, California-raised female DJ/Producer. Her real name is Małgorzata Joanna Dygasiewicz. You see, an artist moniker makes sense here.
Nevertheless, she is already known for her releases on labels such as Jay Haze (2007) or Perlon (2009) e.g.. But her debut album “How Do You Do” on the Japanese imprint Shovel Audio really caught my attention! Her brand of electronic music is well aware of the experimental approach which informs the finest dancefloor records, subtly involving her taste for avant-garde electro-acoustics and hypnotic rhythm programming.
´Nuff said!

Just give it a listen and keep in mind that this was just the opening of Everything Broken @ KGB, Cologne, a monthly event, my residency playing along with different fellas every month. Usually Everything Broken´s all about electronic music which is dedicated to all kinds of broken beat-oriented sound, sometimes Breaks, sometimes Dubstep, sometimes D&B. But Margaret Dygas´s new album induced me to do a rather straight mix. Hope you´ll like it nonetheless.

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