Sweet Headache 083: “Music Addiction” (by Zap’al’odd)

My new mix “Music Addiction” consists of 4 parts and reaches from House/Techhouse tracks, to Minimal/Minimal Techno/Techno tracks.

The first part (4 Minimal/House tunes) includes a sweet intro track (“Stativ – Hupfschneckenliebestanz – Ron Flatter remix), followed by “Hans Staudinger – On a salty planet – Ken Hayakawa sunset mix”, both members of the Vienna based label “Schönbrunner Perlen“, founded by Frank Tocarne, who as well is the event manager of Klub Fraktal, Filter Queen and many more party series in Austria’s capital city.

The second part moves the mix on to “stronger dancing beats” starting with “Martin Eyerer – Bells a go” and followed by 4 Techno/Techhouse tracks. Finding a break with “Ron Flatter – Wild things” and “Namito – Of Mice and Hares – Ardalans couchball dub remix”, the following track “Jan Driver – Tellyfoam” is a really feel good vibe and brings back the level of “shake your body”.

During the third part, Minimal Techno and Techno is predominant and consists of 5 tracks (including current productions by Marc Houle, Miro Pajic and Lars Wickinger).

The fourth part starts with a kind of oriental mood tune: “Gokhan Guney & Emrah Celik – Babet – Min Mal, A.K.O. remix) and goes on with 3 fine and calming down House/Techno tracks. Until 2 Harry Axt productions strengthen the level of the mix again. The outro track: “Robag Wruhme – Donnerkuppel” is beautiful and pounding at the same time.



  1. Stativ – Hupfschneckenliebestanz (Ron Flatter remix)
  2. Hans Staudinger – On a salty planet (Ken Hayakawa sunset mix)
  3. Adam Port – Someone to love
  4. Queen Atom – What do u want (Cesare’s piano edit)
  5. Martin Eyerer – Bells a go
  6. Lula Circus – Tears & Ice
  7. Photek – This city
  8. Marcus Meinhardt & Gunner Stiller – Feinherb
  9. Roland M Dill – Shadow & Winston
  10. Ron Flatter – Wild things
  11. Namito – Of mice and hares (Ardalans couchball dub remix)
  12. Jan Driver – Tellyfoam
  13. Marc Houle – Triple E
  14. Miro Pajic – Dark butterfly
  15. Lars Wickinger – Riff Raf
  16. Marc Houle – Undercover (Miro Pajic remix)
  17. Lars Wickinger – Jesus wants more fun
  18. Gokhan Guney & Emrah Celik – Babet (Min Mal, A.K.O. remix)
  19. Einmusik and Stimming – Magdalena
  20. Kolsch – Opa
  21. Ron Flatter – A380
  22. Harry Axt – No return
  23. Harry Axt – Klapperstorch
  24. Robag Wruhme – Donnerkuppel



Foto by alexisnmatthews // CC-by

About Zapalodd (12 Articles)
Music is my passion and I go with the flow. Whether it is calm or loud, slow or fast, soft or hard, or sweet medium. Music simply makes me feel good, motivates me and makes me think of various topics and ways of life. When I have a day without music, something is missing.

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