Sweet Headache 081: “Terra Techno Salut” (by Zap’al’odd)

The mix, “Terra Techno Salut”, consists of a combination of true oldschool techno, modern minimal/techno style and current austrian techno (by Robert Stahl).

As DJ, Robert Stahl is famous for powerful and outstanding Techno sets and his productions are a driving force for the austrian Techno scene.   As well, he is event manager of excellent parties in Corinthia and has founded the label Southbeat, based in Villach (Austria).

The intro track:Felix Da Housecat vs. Pop Tarts – Money, Success, Fame, Glamor” is a critical statement to the turbo capitalistic society in the western world.

After 4 monotonous and pounding techno tracks (including “Robert Stahl – Beast – Promo”), the mix gets to the next level of “4 to the floor” with 3 pushing techno tracks: “Angy Kore – Get get up” +  “F.L.G. & F-Man – The Joker” + “Aka Aka – Woody Woodpecker”.

After this height, 3 fine techno tracks (including “Robert Stahl – Destination 34 – Promo”) bring back the straight bass and the following track: Bodega – Someone like you (Adele edit)” moves the mix on to another level of “sweet sensations”, which stays for the next 3 tracks.

Finally, the mix calms down with the outro track: Sbtrkt – Hold on (Siavash cold as ice remix)”.



  1. Felix Da Housecat vs. Pop Tarts – Money, Success, Fame, Glamor
  2. Spectre – Sixteen Sins (Spartaque remix)
  3. Miro Pajic – Moans (Alexi Delano remix)
  4. Robert Stahl – Beast – Promo
  5. Overloque – Night in Amsterdam
  6. Angy Kore – Get get up
  7. F.L.G. & F-Man – The Joker
  8. Aka Aka – Woody Woodpecker
  9. Robert Stahl – Destination 34 – Promo
  10. Angy Kore – The Rim (Worakls remix)
  11. Overloque – Blue Sugar
  12. Bodega – Someone like you (Adele edit)
  13. Sascha Braemer & Nicone – Thank you (Aka Aka remix)
  14. Filtertypen – After Laughter
  15. Sbtrkt – Hold on (Siavash cold as ice remix)

Image: Roberto Rizzato // CC -by-nc

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Music is my passion and I go with the flow. Whether it is calm or loud, slow or fast, soft or hard, or sweet medium. Music simply makes me feel good, motivates me and makes me think of various topics and ways of life. When I have a day without music, something is missing.

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