Digital DJing vs. Vinyl Mixing


I am a former vinyl maniac, buying 20 records every month, and since the beginning of 2010, I have started to explore the world of digital DJing.My first tought when I installed Traktor and spinned the scratch control record, was:

”Wooh! Now I have 10.000 new records to play!”

Never forget the basics, always begin from start and keep the roots of vinyl mixing. You have to know, the basic technique of vinyl mixing and the special sound that real records produce. But if you want to be called a DJ today, you should not ignore the digital world of mixing.

Think of it like two different disciplines, of which you have to know both! Use the new stuff, which comes with digital DJing!

Cue points, loops and effects can bring your mix to the maximum and offers you the possibility of doing a live remix of the track you are playing.

Many people say:

“Keep it like the artist produced the song.”

However, is is my opinion that a well done remix can be a match for the original.

Another point for digital DJing is the easy way of transportation: Instead of a big and heavy recordcase, you travel with a usb-stick, which you can carry in your pocket.

A real record will always have a special value, which also increases by limited editions, and there will always be a difference in the sound created by a record and the sound of a wav, mp3, … file on a scratch control record.

I will always keep buying records, but sometimes, why not save money by downloading tracks at an online download store?

Digital DJing may not be more artful than vinyl mixing, but for shure it is challenging and can be very effective.

So don’t narrow your own possibilities of sound creation and use the digital world for your own benefit!

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Music is my passion and I go with the flow. Whether it is calm or loud, slow or fast, soft or hard, or sweet medium. Music simply makes me feel good, motivates me and makes me think of various topics and ways of life. When I have a day without music, something is missing.

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