Mozambeat – Automatic EP

Having rediscovered my love for banging Techno beats recently, I would like to introduce Mozambeat’s most recent release today.

We featured Tobi, one of the members of Mozambeat a while ago here on Sweet Headache, and  they just released their new “Automatic EP”. Here’s what it sounds like:
Mozambeat – Automatic EP – Simplex05 by Mozambeat

There are four tracks on this EP: “Fluctuation” is my personal favorite – a bouncy Tech-House track with a nice distorted piano melody and a strong beat. Just the sound I am looking for right now!

“Centrifuge” is a track that sounds like it was made for a peaktime Techno set: Pumping sounds, a long break that slowly builds up and then BOOM…. Not exactly my cup of tea, but surely something that works in a club.

“Autoignition” is actually my least favorite track on this release, even though it comes with an additional remix by Roland M.Dill. It’s a little too minimal for my taste and the melody sounds a little arbitrary.

However, the other two tracks are worth checking out!

They also released a DJ set that features all of the tracks and more so you can get an impression of their sound:
Automatic Mix by Mozambeat

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