Review: Sepalcure

Praveen Sharma and Travis Stewart’s debut album comes around with a massive mix of the current electronic music in the UK – New York interchange. The combination of each artist’s sound matches in a very dainty way to their project Sepalcure. Stewart’s high-frequency Drum n Bass and Jungle influenced rhythms and the love of both for fragmented voice-samples from old House 12 inch meet Sharmas soulful way to handle different track parts which could be completely different to each other. No question; This LP – released on Scubas label Hotflush – grooves not only in the living room or on your headphones; it is pure dance music, but in an abstract form.

It’s remarkable that they worked only four weekends together in a studio. The rest of the time, the geographical distance between New York and the island forced them to work over the internet to finish the album. But not for bad! I think these circumstances gave the album a special touch because both artists kept their own styles by working a longer time alone then together and the combination is nevertheless pure harmony. Sometimes one can hear some Machinedrum airs and graces and sometimes Braille elements remind me of Chicago House. For me, this one is a late highlight in 2011!

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