My new DJ bag

Part of being a DJ is carrying lots of stuff around when you have a gig. I kinda got used to carrying record cases, cd cases, turntables, laptop bags and various other things around.

However, I wasn’t really aware of how much of an effort this was until I finally found a good solution for carrying all my stuff around: I recently bought a Magma Multi-Purpose Studio Bag 25, and this has really been a great investment.

I have written before about how I prepare for a gig, and the list of stuff that I have to carry along is not short. That’s why this bag is such a relief: It simply contains everything I need for a gig, and I can easily carry it and still have my hand free. This is especially important for me as I normally go to local gigs by train. From what I have heard, most airlines will even allow you to take this as your carry on luggage.

The bag has several pockets, most of which are padded to keep your equipment safe. The top can be opened with a zipper. This is the biggest compartment, and you can shape it to your needs using velcro strips. I use it to keep my NI S4  and some vinyl records. There is one laptop compartment on the front and several smaller pockets that I use for cables, headphones etc.. Once you remember where you put everything, it makes setting up your stuff a breeze.

It might be hard to understand why I am so excited about a backpack, but sometimes it’s just the simple things that make your life a lot easier – and no, I am not being paid by Magma for saying this.

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