Review: Rustie – Glass Swords

On his new and first LP, Rustie marks his hunting ground! Who liked his Sunburst EP will love these thirteen wonderful anranged tracks with their overloaded synth-thunders over massive and variable beats which sometimes relate more to Hip Hop beats and another time, they are influenced by Dubstep or House.

Still he keeps his own style to preparing and filtering samples and basslines as long as they sound like a Rustie production. These recurring elements always remind me a bit of Hudson Mohawke – both of them have released their LP s on WARP. I would say they belong to one movement in the modern electronic music scene.

Tracks like Hover Traps or Death Mountain are marking a wonderfull combination of House music elements and wonky Dub rythms which make them suitable for the dancefloor and headphones. Other tracks are playing intensively with the atmosphere of well-cut samples or overtuned synthys that one could think this is the beginning of  an 80’s track or even Daft Punk Production. In the end, I’m so fascinated by this LP because it’s music one can’t  squeeze into any genre barrel and which defines itself through a pure individual sound.

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