5 Ways to Mix Tracks With Different Tempos

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I recently had a discussion with a couple of other DJs in a forum: We were talking about how to mix tracks with different tempos. Of course, almost never do two tracks have exactly the same tempo, but a lot of DJs are hesitant to mix tracks that are more than just a few BPM apart.

I think that mixing tracks with different BPMs is not only possible, but also a lot of fun – both for the DJ and the audience. It can make DJ sets much more dynamic and interesting.

I decided to make a little video to explain how to do this: Here are 5 ways to mix tracks with different tempos:

These are the methods that I explain in the video:

  • Wide Pitch
    Use the pitch fader a lot wider than you usually would. In the video, I pitch up one track by +12%, and it still sounds good. However, Pitching down that far usually doesn’t work that well.
  • Cut
    Simple play one track until the very end and then start the next one. This works best with tracks that have a clear beginning and end – doesn’t work so well with most club versions.
  • Double/Half
    Make a transition to a track that has half or double the tempo of the track you are currently playing. This works great with Drum&Bass-tracks (around 180 BPM) and many HipHop-tracks (around 90 BPM).
  • Loop & Pitch
    Create a short loop, change the tempo, make the transition.  The example in the video is from my Speedbumps mix.
  • Special tracks
    Use a special production to change the tempo. The example I used in the video is from Seiji DJ Tools.

Update (July 11th 2013): Here are a few of my favorite tracks for changing tempo in a set: Dance tracks that are ideal for changing tempo in a DJ set

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/enerva/4302079406/ // CC-by

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  1. I’m still struggling to mix Hip Hop with different BPM.
    Mostly 60,70,80 & 90 BPM

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