Review: Geyser – Fifth

We featured Geyser a.k.a. Riad Michael a few weeks ago. He already mentioned his new album back then, and this album is now about to be released.

“Fifth” is clearly more an album for the living room than for the dancefloor. However, you can certainly hear that Geyser has been paying attention to recent developments in club sounds. For example, the track “Further Steps” is clearly inspired by Dubstep beats, while “Serpent” has a nice House flavor.

Overall, the atmosphere  on this album is very relaxed, but the musical spectrum is very broad. That’s what I like about “Fifth”: It’s nice to listen to, but without being boring. In contrast to most “chillout” sounds, you could say that this is music for the advanced chiller who is not only looking for a nice audio wallpaper, but actually wants to listen to good and interesting music.

What I like about this album lies in the details: There are lots of little things to discover in all the layers of the sound, and the overall style sounds very analogue to me – as if someone made music with today’s tools while giving a hommage to classic synthesizers.

The album will be released on September 16th, but you can already pre-order it and get three tracks for free until the official release date.

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