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This track called “Shark” is a brand new production by Gio Max and myself (marvis). Just like a real shark lives deep in the ocean, the track lives in the depths of the frequencies. With a strong, pumping bass and teeth made of distorted guitars, this track can be considered a true dancefloor predator…

Gio Max and I met at the Electronic Music School Cologne, and even though our approaches to making music are quite different, we quickly understood that there would be great potential in a collaboration: While Gio Max is an expert in truly banging Techno and House sounds, I brought my experience with real instruments and improvisation with me.

When we started to work on the track, I spent quite some time jamming on my guitar to the electronic fundament of this track. We then selected a few nice parts from those jam recordings and moved on from there.

If you wanted to describe this sound, you could probably file it under “Progressive Techno”.

Gio Max also created a nice Deep House remix version of it.

You can get both versions for free here:

Original Mix:

Deep Remix:

Both tracks are released under a Creative Commons attribution license. That means you can download, share, remix and build upon them as long as you reference us as producers and the licence.

Image: miusam-ck // CC-by

About marvis (209 Articles)
Marvis is the founder of Sweet Headache. He lives in Cologne (Germany) and has been a music nerd for a long, long time.

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