Sweet Headache 067: “Mörtzendising”

In my first Mix on Sweet Headache I want to introduce my idea of electronic sound variation.

I try to break with genre borders and have chosen the tracks not because of the BPM or the style, but because they have one important common ground: they are avant-garde!

Especially the releases on Nonplus Records showed me how old techno basics can be perfectly combined with dubstep, drum n bass or 2step elements.

One of my favorite songs from the last months also had to be in my Mix: Robag Whrume – Prognosen Bomm released on Pampa Records in may. He is in my opinion the best example for the development in german electronic dance music. His LP “Thora Wukk” minimizes the techno-factor on a very spheric and low level without losing the groove.

I worked with two Technics Mk II, Pioneer DJM 600, Traktor Scratch and Native Instruments Traktor controller X1.


  1. Armon Tobin – Bloodskain
  2. Tokimonsta – Park Walks
  3. Teebs – You’ve chanced
  4. Matthewdavid – like you mean it
  5. Amon Tobin – Always
  6. Jimmy Edgar – One twenty Detail
  7. Matthias Kaden – Mascleta
  8. Joy O. – Jeles
  9. Jon Convex – Failing again
  10. Boxcutter – Moon Pupils
  11. Boddika – Breezin
  12. 2562 – Final Frenzy
  13. Joy O. – Wade In
  14. Gold Panda – MPB
  15. Seekae – Rock‘s performance
  16. Robag Whrume – Prognosen Bomm
  17. Mount Kimbie – At least

3 Comments on Sweet Headache 067: “Mörtzendising”

  1. Where is the player? I don’t see it in Safari or Firefox… (I do see it for other mixes)

  2. Should work now.

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