Sweet Headache 066: “Beautiful Cyborgs”

Beautiful cyborgs

I have liked many different styles of music in my life, but if there is one characteristic that most of my favorites have in common, it’s the combination of electronic beats and hand-made sounds. I have found quite a few tracks that combine Techno/Tech-House and organic sounds in the last couple of weeks, and this mix is a compilation of the best of what I found.

I decided to use the cyborg as a symbol of this sound. A cyborg is defined as “a being with both biological and artificial (e.g. electronic, mechanical or robotic) parts” – and that’s exactly what this mix is about:

Some tracks I’d like to highlight here:

Aphex Twin is a legend in electronic music, but his tracks are mostly too different to be used in DJ sets. Remixes are also somewhat rare, so I was happy to find this nice “Renaissance Man Bootcut” remix that works well in a DJ set.

I have listened to Aka Aka a lot in the last couple of weeks. I used a couple of their tracks in my Swing Tech mix, but they actually have a surprisingly wide sound spectrum. I don’t buy a lot of albums any more, but their debut “Varieté” is definitely worth it.

Paul Kalkbrenner also has a new album called “Icke wieder” (Berlin slang for “Me again”), and “Kleines Bubu” (don’t ask me what that means…) is one of my favorites from that album.

I also included one of my own production that I did with Gio Max. More on that in a future post. Hope you like it!


  • Homeboi – Shrimps
  • Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Renaissance Man Bootcut)
  • Aka Aka & Thalstroem – Woody Woodpecker 2011
  • Laurent Garnier – Back to My Technodiziak Roots
  • Mihalis Safras – Los Mexicanos (feat. Noidoi)
  • Paul Kalkbrenner – Kleines Bubu
  • Aka Aka & Thalstroem – Afterglow (Club Edit)
  • Allesandro Sensini – Swing Soul
  • Ogris Debris – Miezekatze
  • Giomax & Marvis – Untitled (Deep Remix)

Image: chiaralily // CC-by-nc

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