Sweet Headache feat. Jackin MC

Jackin MC

Jackin MC is a true House music lover from Mainz (Germany). I stumbled over his DJ Blog (German only) and was impressed by his enthusiasm on Jackin House, so I asked him for an interview.

First of all, here is a mix by Jacking MC:

I have to admit that I am not exactly an expert on Jackin House, so I asked him a bit about this style:

“It’s basically underground House music that originated from Chicago. I would describe it as a mix of Funky, Jazzy and Deep House. You don’t hear it in the clubs here very often, but it’s definitely the style that I like most.”

I was curious how he got in touch with this particular flavor of House music. I guess one could say that it was a mix of a lucky coincidence and some true dedication:

“A few years ago, I bought the record collection of another DJ who had just decided to end his DJ career. Among all these vinyls, there was one release by Olivier Desmet that I really liked. I started looking for more material in that direction and learned that there was not only a name for that genre, but also a community of people worldwide who are into Jacking house. One of my most important sources is the Underground House Forum (UGH), because there are many DJs and producers from around the world there.”

Even though not too many people know about Jackin House, the response he has been getting in his home region has been quite positive, both at the parties where he played as well as from his regular radio show on a local radio station.

“I heard that there was a new radio station to be founded near here. I simply asked if I could do a show there, and now I have a radio show that airs every Friday and Saturday from 11-12 pm. It’s just a local station, but a few bars tune into it. It’s always funny when friends tell me they heard my sound when they went out at the weekend.”

If you have become interested in Jackin House now, Jackin MC recommended a few online music shops that at least have a section for this style.
While this style might be a bit hard to find on the big download shops, Stompy seems to have a lot of tracks in this direction. Traxsource also has a genre filter for Jackin House.


  • Shawn Christopher – Make My Love (Kerri Chandler Mix)
  • Joey Youngman – Unconditonal
  • Jason Hodges and Eddie Leader – This is bizznezz
  • Cricco Castelli – Escape from Rome
  • Dimitri Max – Celestial Funk
  • Matthew Brian & Alan Alda – Im ready
  • Digital Villains – Busted Speaker (Joey Youngman)
  • Hustlin Blow – Life Has Changed
  • Johnny Fiasco – Go Deep
  • Jorge Watts & Sonny Fodera – System Crash
  • Craig Hamilton – All Day Breakfast
  • Pirupa – Get Funky
  • Joe Silva feat Pucona – Cant hold back
  • DJ Sneak – Bounce Back (Sticky Sheit Hodges Sheitty Mix)
  • Hector Moralaez & Eddie Leader – No Shame (Hector Moralez)
  • Thano Vessi – Sream Macula Scream
  • Cubase Dan feat Anderson Ray – The Studio To The Street (Uneaq Remix)
About marvis (209 Articles)
Marvis is the founder of Sweet Headache. He lives in Cologne (Germany) and has been a music nerd for a long, long time.

1 Comment on Sweet Headache feat. Jackin MC

  1. Nice article! The guest mix is very good, decent track selection.
    What makes Jackin’ for me is the special beat. It reminds me a bit of Speed Garage. The shuffling snares are very oustanding, the kick is tight and harder than in House. But many producers combine these jackin Beats with slower melodies, which is a great combination.
    very significant in other songs are the short cutted samples.

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