A blog is the ideal space to run riot with the newsworthy tunes, genres and formings of already well-established styles crossing my way. This time the result is a dj set – concentrating on Electro Swing – I´ve lumped together last week after going through tons of tunes and selecting what I felt sounding nice & swingful.

The inspiring sources for this excursus into a whole new territory of the desert – at least for me – have been a cologne based DJ, Discotizer and  a monthly event, held in Cologne, the Dancemob where the residents Marvis, Madame SummitMike S.Kreama deal with this genre from time to time, next time – taking place on wednesday, 04-20-2011 at the lovely, tiny location Lichtung Kulturcafe, Cologne – yet with support by a live saxophonist, Lars D.

A few words on the sound, on Electro Swing.

For me this sound has a certain energy which summons you insistently to dance.  In my opinion, the original Swing owns this energy as well. Doing a dj set using those tunes is really fun. It´s not very complex. But exactly this gives you as the DJ behind the decks the fair space and time to give the set your personal touch ; cutting, fading, scratching, using fx, everything works very easily. I really enjoyed doing this nearly 2 hours-set of some older & new Electro-Swing. Maybe it´s my last excursus into this direction, maybe not, who knows!? Doubtless it´s been important to me to explore this sound! Hopefully you´ll like what is now prepared for your ears!

A few more words on the roots, the history, the chiefs of the still relatively small, but quickly growing scene you can find here: Wikipedia.

Watch this space for more interesting news, articles, reviews, features, impressions and not least mixes from guests & residents here & and maybe you´d be so kind to give us a Facebook-thumbs up here: Sweet-Headache on Facebook.

Thanks for reading, listening and – of course – for your time!



  • Freakme_Horatio_Born In 1931_Original Mix
  • Parov Stelar_The Paris Swing Box_Original Mix
  • Dark Society_Swing Swing_Original Mix
  • Fabrizio Piccinno_Swing Time_Original Mix
  • Swing Kids_Nonsense_Extended Mix
  • Parov Stelar_Baska Brother_Original Mix
  • TBF_Abstract Jazz_Original Mix
  • Will Gold_Swing Time_David Jones Edit
  • Swing Republic_Im Leaving_Original Mix
  • The Mills Brothers_Duke Ellington  His Orchestra_Diga Diga Doo_Original Mix
  • Swing_5 Seconds_Original Mix
  • Parov Stelar_The Snake_Original Mix
  • Aitor Ronda_Sing_Original Mix
  • Michelle Owen_Dee  Deaf_Original Mix
  • Alex Santer_Mr Ado_Turbo Swing_Original Mix
  • DKS_Sing With A Swing_Original Mix
  • Fausto Messina_Jesa_Swing Version
  • Ezio_Domingos  s Swing_Original Mix
  • Sek_Swing That_Original Mix
  • Sir Cosmic_Swing Brother Swing_Original Mix
  • TBF_Jazz It Gets To You_Original Mix
  • Tape Five_Bad Boy Good Man feat Henrik Wager_Aerophon Mix
  • Ale Effe_Girls On Swings_Original Mix
  • MicRoCheep_Mollo_Swingin Swing_Original Mix
  • Aitor Ronda_Chicas De La Vida_Original Mix

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/watt_dabney/4787782152/ // CC-by-sa

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  1. Great!!!! I like it

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