Sweet Headache 055: “Leapfrog”


This mix is actually an older recording that I had done before launching Sweet Headache. Listening to old mixes can be a weird experience since my taste in music changed over time, and also my mixing skills have improved over the years. However, this is a mix that I still enjoy listening to, and so I decided to release it today.

I remember that it was a quite spontaneous mix, and it felt like leapfrogging from track to track – even though the final result sounds quite homogenous to me.

The first track (“Ebeneezer Goode” by The Shamen) is actually quite an old track from 1992, and it was one of my favorites as a teenager. There aren’t many tracks from that time that I still like today, but this one still sounds special to me – especially in the long version that I used in this mix.

Reaching For The Stars” by Shane is one of my more recent favorites. Released on the fabolous Progressive label Jetlag Digital, it represent the kind of technoid sounds that I like. Many productions are way too minimal for me today, but this stuff is dark and dynamic at the same time and that makes it special.

By the way, it was quite hard to redo the tracklist for this mix, and it it still incomplete. Memo to self: Always write down the tracklist immediately!


  • The Shamen – Ebeneezer Goode (Beatmasters Mix)
  • Jalebee Cartel – Single Tab
  • Lopazz – We Are (Rex The Dog Remix)
  • Elias Kazais – My Happy Robot
  • (Some Vinyl on SuperFly Rec.)
  • Wexxel & Sae – Saturdaynight Sucker
  • Shane – Reaching For The Stars (Faskil Remix)
  • Blue Foundation – Sweep (Renaissance)
  • (No idea what the last track could be…)

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dde/466084682/ // CC-by-nc-nd

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Marvis is the founder of Sweet Headache. He lives in Cologne (Germany) and has been a music nerd for a long, long time.

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  1. aus welchem jahr ist der?

    btw steht im im reply feld statt url -> uri

  2. was released on 05.05.2009

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