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Q-BiK is proof that good Drum&Bass sounds do not only come from the UK, but also from down under. Q-BiK is originally from New Zealand, lives in Perth (Australia) and is DJing around the world. If you have been listening to last week’s mix, you might already be familiar with his smashing track “My House”.

I got the chance to do an interview with him to talk about the Drum&Bass scene in Australia and New Zealand, his connections to other artists and his plans for 2011. But first of all, here is a mix by Q-BiK so that you can see what his sound is about:

Marvis: “In an older interview with you from 2010, I read that you were looking forward to the “holy pilgrimage to Britain and Europe”. Looking back at that, what would you tell about your experiences in Europe? Did you notice any differences to Australia or New Zealand (NZ)?”

Q-BiK: “It was an amazing privilege getting a chance to tour the UK and Europe as well as the US, Canada and South America this year gone. Europe and UK were amazing parties and a breath of fresh air for me as an artist. Getting a chance to play some of the biggest parties across the world has been eye opening and inspirational. Europe was awesome as a whole including the sightseeing and history. I got to play in some really interesting venues too! A nuclear bomb shelter in Slovakia was pretty up there.”
Marvis: “As Sweet Headache has readers around the world, it would be interesting to learn a bit about the scene in Australia and NZ in general. Could you give a quick overview on that? How big is Drum&Bass there in general?”
Q-BiK: “Australia and NZ have very good DnB scenes nationally. NZ is a smaller country and DnB has caught on quicker and been taken more mainstream with artists like Concord Dawn, SoM, Upbeats, BulletProof etc, having lots of national exposure. Australia is catching up fast. Artists such as ShockOne, Phetsta, Greg Packer, and myself have been able to penetrate more mainstream radio as DnB become more widely accepted. Perth is definetly the epicenter for DnB in Australia with parties ranging from 200-2000 people clubs shows and 5000+ at festivals.”
Marvis: “On your MySpace page, you list Basswerk as one of the labels that you released on. As Basswerk is based on Cologne and I happen to live there, too, I would like to learn a bit about your relationship to them. How did you get in touch with Basswerk?”
Q-BiK: “I got to know Heiner, the owner of Basswerk by AIM. We chatted for a bit as I always wanted to do a remix of one of my all time favorite tunes, ‘Damn Wire’ by Heiner aka The Green Man. Unfortunately at the time, someone else had just done one, but he asked about any music I might have floating about. I sent him one of my early 1st tunes. He loved it and asked to put it on his Basswerk CD compilation. Such a great way to sign one of my 1st early tunes. Hopefully I’ll get to update the ‘Damn Wire’ – Q-BiK style.”
Marvis: “You are cooperating with Seeka MC quite a bit. How did you two get to know each other?”
Q-BiK: “We first met back in 03/04 in NZ. He had moved over to NZ for a short time and asked around the local record shop who the DnB people were in Hamilton, NZ.  At the time, I was promoting parties and DJing. We caught up and got on very well and instantly. There was chemistry on the decks and mic. This quickly saw us touring NZ  and playing festivals. Now we are also working together in the studio. We will definitely be doing more releases together as time goes on as well as a lil something fresh on stage. Watch This Space!”
Marvis: “I read that you are calling your style ‘Future Soul’. How would you describe your style in comparison to other DnB DJs? What makes your sound special?”
Q-BiK: “I play drum and bass! I don’t pigeon hole myself to one style of flavor. Future Soul for me is quite a broad term, but to me encompasses the soulful side and the forward thinking dance floor side as well. Its got an element of funk or soul but solid, heavy beats and basslines and great production quality.”
Marvis: “Could you tell me a bit about your plans for 2011? What are you hoping to achieve this year?”

Q-BiK: “This year is about music! Sign to one of the bigger labels in DnB. They seem harder and harder to get these days with everything going digi. I also would like to play more festivals in Australia and abroad as well as continue to tour the world and push my sound and style.”

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Marvis is the founder of Sweet Headache. He lives in Cologne (Germany) and has been a music nerd for a long, long time.

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