Sweet Headache 047: “Winter Safari” (by ANKNOWN)

Snow Faces

The starting point for this set – for me a very atypical selection – was Apparat´s DJ Kicks on K7! , released in 2010. It was the tracklisting which inspired me give my ear to more and more tracks out of this style. I discovered a lot of phenomenal fat producing artists. The tracks I found were worth playing and combining in a dj-set I felt.

In addition I was already up to the sounds of Four Tet, Caribou, Scuba anyways since years. This is the sound which hit the streets, clubs and festivals in 2010 and which hit me personally – besides my beloved tunes based upon broken beats  in all their variations and diversifications . But it was not any longer a dj-set by BASSLION. The tempo, beat-structure and aesthetic property was too different from what I used to play during the last decade. That´s why I set up a new dj moniker – AnKnown_DJ – for the electronica / experimental thing.

To make it clear. It´s not a paradigm shift, it´s more kind of widening my musical playgrounds which headed me to the artists mentioned above.

Apparat, Four Tet, John Roberts, Caribou, Nicolas Jaar, DJ Koze, Patrice Baeumel. They all inspired my first non-breaks-related dj-set since more than 10 years. And I´ve got a lot of tunes and artists left to follow this path in the future. It was a great pleasure, first to discover new battlefields, then selecting the tunes, listening to them and finally – of course – doing the dj-set.

Finally I have to say:

As already mentioned. These artists caught me during the past year 2010. Their sounds have a lot of energy and I really dig the use and interplay of the out-of-the-ordinary-drum patterns and the harmonic respectively the skillfully set disharmonic parts. Lovely crooked!

Three outstanding tracks for me:

Nicolas Jaar & Soul Keita – Para(sol)

DJ Koze – Blume der Nacht

Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Heimat

The next dj-set will be a pure BASSLION-set again with lots of dubstepish and breaks-oriented tunes in it. Watch out! Meanwhile enjoy this lil´ piece of work!

Enjoy, AnKnown_DJ



  1. max richter – infra 1
  2. four tet – my angel rocks back and forth
  3. darkstar – gold (john roberts rmx)
  4. john roberts – porcelain
  5. nathan fake – you are here (four tet rmx)
  6. patrice bäumel – the birth
  7. patrice bäumel – sub
  8. phon.o – intervall
  9. scuba – heavy machinery
  10. scuba – lights out
  11. rocketnumbernine – mathew & toby (four tet rmx)
  12. nicolas jaar, soul k. – para(sol)
  13. dj koze – blume der nacht
  14. e. allien, apparat – jet (ben klock rmx)
  15. kollektiv turmstr. – heimat
  16. scuba – hard boiled (scb edit)
  17. caribou – found out (dj koze rmx)
  18. john roberts – navy blue
  19. apparat – sayulita
  20. sarah goldfarb – never stop
  21. caribou – angel echoes (four tet rmx)
  22. sarah goldfarb – here we come (actually we go)
  23. four tet – our bells (kieran hebden rmx)
  24. sarah goldfarb – the noise electric

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34093448@N05/5229295647/ // CC-by-nc-nd

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