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My motivation to occasionally contribute to this blog is easy to explain: I like things being done in a cool way as is demonstrated by Marvis and I can easily relate to his  notion of “music nerdism.” Music has always been vital to me and I am particularly fond of electronic music in all its variations and diversifications. Based upon this passion I would like to see my contributions to this blog as springboards for lively and constructive discussions. My comments will cover various aspects of electronic music, addressing issues such as current and upcoming trends.

As a DJ, event promoter, and producer I have long since been an integral part of the electronic music scene, and I would like to share some of my thoughts and some of the insights I have gained over the years.

Due to its minor relevance for my output here I will sketch out my musical background in only a few words.
In the beginning was the bass. A kid bassist in two different punk rock bands during the early 90’s I was accustomed to run-of-the-mill rock’n’roll sound and instruments. However, when one of these bands began to collaborate with a DJ to enhance their sound with some distinctive colours and astonishing effects, a whole new world opened up to me. At first, I only had to dig up some turntables for my band, but soon my DJ impromptus became a vital part of our music.

I finally broke with playing only rock’n’roll to enjoy my new live as an electronica artist – always my roots on my mind – but also hungry for anything the scene could throw at me. Staying in London from 1994-1995 I was drawn into the vibrant mekka of club culture and pulsating dance floor rhythms.

It was during those fantastic two years that I got in touch with different genres such as downtempo, big beat, 2-step garage and breakbeat, which complete my DJ-sets nowadays alongside broken beat, dubstep, liquid drum and bass, electronica, and, basically, anything that sounds rich and deep. In a broader sense, I am open to great music regardless of genre or style.

After I had won the first Annual Bijoubreaks BreakthroughDJ Competition in 2005 I have only occasionally been DJing and producing as work and family have taken their toll on me. Having said that, I am happy with this situation.

As times change, the sound I play as a DJ constantly evolves. Especially during the past year my selection differentiated very gravely between tempo, beat-structure and aesthetic property. I didn´t feel comfortable with the DJ moniker BSSLN/BASSLION for the Electronica DJ-sets any longer. So I had to set up a new moniker for these DJ-sets, ANKNOWN.
For all Dubstep-, Breakz-, Fidget- and Broken Beat-featuring DJ-sets and appearances I´ll continue as BSSLN/BASSLION.

Come, visit and hear me in the area.





In 2010 I resumed working in the studio. My vision is to see musicians unite as one to exchange creative ideas. My accomplishments are proof enough that great sounds come from diverse musicians exposed to one another’s sound.
Therefore I formed The Pride, a studio-based music project to provide an open work space for artists to meet and work with one another. New productions are presently in the works.

Watch out for the first ever DJ-set as ANKNOWN being featured coming thursday. Watch this space!

Highlights so far and no further in no particular order:

  • One Nation Germany, Markthalle, Hamburg
  • S.O.M.A.-Festival, Jugendpark, Cologne
  • Brains In Flames-Residency, Open Air, Rheinaue, Rhein In Flammen, Bonn
  • 2Step-Showcase, Bremen
  • M*A*S*H*E*D, Filmhaus, Cologne
  • M*A*S*H*E*D-Residency, Die Falle, Bonn
  • Pathfinder UK Motion-Residency, 2Step & Breakz-Floor, Kunstwerk, Cologne
  • HOPE!-Residency, 3RaumWohnung, Bonn
  • Lemongrass-Open-Air, Cologne
  • Winner 1st Annual Bijoubreaks_Breakthru-DJ-Competition,

………………to be continued…………stay tuned……………..

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