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Parties come in different flavors: There are Rock parties, Techno parties, gay parties, open air parties, costume parties, after work parties and many more. However, there seems to be one constant: Almost all parties happen late at night.

I have felt for a while that there is something wrong with this. Why do you often have to wait until 1 am until people start dancing? Why do you have to spend the next day sleeping just because you wanted to dance to some good music? And why does a party last 6-8 hours when often only about 2 hours are really enjoyable?

I couldn’t really articulate those thoughts until I learned about the concept of 2 hour-parties and participated in a few – and now I am even organizing 2 hour parties myself.

How are 2 hour-parties different?

2 hour-parties are limited in time, and they typically start at 8 or 9 in the evening. People come in, get a drink and start dancing within the first 10 minutes after they arrive. Everyone knows that time is short, so no one wastes their time standing around.

To make this work, the DJs have to mix the music faster and pick the right tracks. We play mostly Bastard Pop, but good House, HipHop or Rock tunes can also serve this purpose. I assume that the concept can work with pretty much any music style, as long as the DJ knows how to pick and mix tracks in a way that truly kicks people’s ass.

DanceMob: Our experiment

2 hour-parties are celebrated in various cities, and I certainly can’t claim to have invented them. I just have been fascinated with this concept and decided to try it out with my buddies Madame Summit and Mike S-Kreama.
We call it DanceMob, because it resembles a flashmob in some aspects. So far, we have done this 4 times already, and we get enthusiastic response every time. It’s rare for a non-superstar DJ to get an applause at the end of his set, but we have always gotten standing ovations after our last song – and this clearly shows that we are doing something right.

However, the biggest challenge right now is to explain our concept and make it well known. We have shown that this works in small clubs already, but we would like to see it grow and develop.

We have gotten very positive feedback so far, and almost everyone who has been to our parties loves them. We just notice that it’s hard to explain this to someone who has never experienced it – which is a challenge that we happily accept.

Not for clubbers only…

I never went to so-called “after job parties”, because I certainly know how to spend my time better than standing around next to a bunch of guys in suits who are desperately trying to have fun. That’s why we never used the term “after job party” for our DanceMob events.

Anyway, the idea behind these after job parties is actually a good one: To allow people to go out and dance on a weekday without being totally wasted on the next day.

We have had a couple of people at our parties who don’t go out a lot any more, but who still enjoy good music and dancing. We even had a few parents there for whom it was relatively easy to get a babysitter for 2 hours in comparison to getting one for an entire night. In general, what we see is a good mix of a typical nightlife crowd and people who wouldn’t normally go to a club – and personally, that’s an aspect that I really like because it brings people together instead of separating them into musical ghettos.

The next DanceMob party will happen at December 15th at the Lichtung in Cologne (Germany). If you are in the area at that time, let me know and stop by!

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Marvis is the founder of Sweet Headache. He lives in Cologne (Germany) and has been a music nerd for a long, long time.

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