Sweet Headache feat. Tobi (Mozambeat)


A couple of years ago, I used to do an electronic music radio show called “Electric Deluxe” every Friday night. We were a team of four DJs, and Tobi was one of them. We have shared the same turntables countless times, and we really had a great time then.

Due to a lucky coincidence, we had the chance to do one more show at our old radio station this summer, and it wasn’t hard to convince Tobi to record a mix for Sweet Headache:

Tobi is a member of Mozambeat, an electronic music trio that has been active for quite a long time. All three of them are DJs and producers, and their productions are definitely worth listening to. Roland M. Dill is probably the most well-known member of that trio with releases on Traum/Trapez and other Techno labels. However, Mozambeat are still very active as a team – probably because the three have been friends for a long time. Here are two of their more recent remixes:

When talking about old times, it was funny to notice how Tobi and I both are still very much into electronic music, but developed into different directions. While I had been exploring various very different genres, Tobi fell in love with Techno even more and pushed his explorations into sound in that direction. It was good to hear that his interest in music had not diminished at all, and his enthusiastic storytelling about some truly great soundsystems that he has heard live recently made me confident that he will also stay a true music nerd like me.

Anyway, if you are into good Techo music, I can only recommend subscribing to Mozambeat on Facebook or Twitter. They are very active, and they certainly know what they are doing.


  1. Quince – Phase One – Original Mix
  2. Aerea Negrot – All I Wanna Do – Efdemin Remix
  3. Dubnitzky, Emerson – Smoosa – Original Mix
  4. Stardub – Cut And Paste – Original Mix
  5. Andri – Rumpelstelz – Original Mix
  6. Phonogenic, Sasse – Chi Chi – Wiretappeur Remix
  7. Christian Burkhardt – Skala – Original Mix
  8. Gorge – Keya – Original Mix
  9. Boghosian – Balaka – Original Mix
  10. Radio Slave – N.I.N.A. – Original Mix
  11. Mendo – Madrugada – Original Mix
  12. Pol_On  – Ranom – SLG Remix
  13. Triangle – Three feat. Joel Xavier – Original
  14. Gary Beck – Enough Talk – Original Mix
  15. Josh Wink – Stay Out All Night – Radio Slave Remix
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Marvis is the founder of Sweet Headache. He lives in Cologne (Germany) and has been a music nerd for a long, long time.

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