Sweet Headache 038: “Sandman”

The sandman is certainly not going to visit you when you listen to this mix. It’s essentially a combination of some well-known classics and some rough, fresh Fidget House tunes.

Nerditional Information: When digging for tunes to use in this mix, I stumbled over the HipHop classic “Because I Got It Like That” by the Jungle Brothers. I have known and loved this track for quite a while, but it was only last week that I noticed that it contained a sample from the rock classic “Don’t Bring Me Down”. This also pretty much the only reason why I included that one, too.

Dim Chris is an artist that I discovered when Tecktonic became the latest craze a few years ago. I haven’t heard the term a lot recently, and I think it is not a great idea to try to trademark a whole genre, but I guess you could consider Fidget House a worthy successor. Anyway, “Sucker” still rocks.

Trent Reznor’s band Nine Inch Nails is one of the rare cases where a band whose sound is far, far away from the mainstream actually fills arenas. They usually play very noisy Industrial Rock that’s disturbing and fascinating at the same time. The remix by Richard X makes it sound somewhat more accessible to the ears of dance music lovers, but it’s still very energetic. Love it!

  1. The Police – Roxanne (DiscoTech Remix)
  2. Metallica – Enter Sandman
  3. Krafty Kuts – 80’s Groove
  4. Jungle Brothers – Because I Got It Like That
  5. Electric Light Orchestra – Don’t Bring Me Down
  6. Robbie Williams – Bongo Bong And Je Ne Taime Plus (Noisia Vocal Remix)
  7. Cyberpunkers – I Needed To Go
  8. Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence
  9. Dim Chris – Sucker
  10. Nine Inch Nails – Only (Richard X Remix)
  11. Pocket 808 – Ghostship (Hook ‘n Sling Remix)
  12. Bloc Party – Mercury (Herve Is In Disarray Remix)

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/leekelleher/146088277/ // CC-by-nc-sa

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