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When thinking about deep House music, Naples (Italy) isn’t exactly the first city you’d think about. Quike, my guest DJ this week, is one good reason for changing your mind about this. Not only is he a master of Deep House music, but he also told me some interesting things about his home in an interview.

Here is a DJ set by Quike to make yourself familiar with his sound:

“The musical scene in Naples is diveded in two waves: Techno and House. For choice and for taste I feel my self more connected to the house wave, specially because from the first experiences in the clubs, the continuous contact with this sound influenced and accentuated my skills. I think that the musical scene of Naples is one of the best, and this is demonstrated everyday by the great artists from Naples!!!”

Quike just released a nice Deep House EP called “Freaky, Moody & Black Pack” on Exprezoo Records. He seems to have made a perfect fit with his label:

“I got the first contact with Exprezoo Records a year and half ago. In these guys I’ve found immediately a big helpfulness, professionality and energy. I liked their underground mentality from the beginning, let’s say it was love at first sight!”

Working with like-minded people is something that is very important for Quike, and he openly admits that he likes to be inspired by artists that he calls friends:

“From my point of view the artistic creation comes from the contact between the world and the experiences lived every day, from the energy I get from my people. From the musical point of view my friends producers had a very strong influence on my artistic personality, with them I created a deep exchange of ideas and inspirations. Between the names that formed my musical past and keep doing in it in the present there are: Rio Padice, Jesuon, Giancarlo Lanza, Joseph Russel and Genny G. The musical genre nearer to my sound is the Dub/deep with shades of old house. Actually I’m working on a dub project with Luca Bear.”

While you would probably find Quike’s music in the Deep House section of any well-stocked record store, he listens to a lot of music for new influences:

“To keep pace with the times and to comprehend the musical evolution that advances everyday, I listen to a lot of electronic music. Nevertheless my tastes goes eclectically through many genres like: prog metal, experimental rock, psychedelic rock, dub reggae, funky, jazz and soul.

The artists that I follow at the moment are: Agnes, Baaz, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Jayson Brothers, Moodyman, Mr. G, Maurizio, Fluxion, Marcello Napoletano, Deepchord and many others… The element that associate these artists is their personal expression of the underground concept, through the usage of Raw sounds, that from my point of view makes their sound special and unmistakable.”

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