Summer in the city

It summer in Cologne, and it’s not hard to imagine that there are plenty of distractions that keep me from updating this website. When you read this, I am most probably in a nice and sunny place and gathering inspirations. Regular updates will start again in about a week.

I think this might be a good opportunity to look back at the first half year of Sweet Headache and check what you liked best. Here are the Top 5 DJ sets according’s stats:

1. Snowball Fight

A lot of you seem to like Drum&Bass, and this playful DnB set came out on top.

2. Sweet Headache feat. The Discotizer

I hadn’t expected that only one guest set would be in the top 5, but The Discotizer definitely deserves it.

3. Rocket Science

OK, I got the message. You like Drum&Bass and you want to hear more of it. This is a wish that I am more than happy to grant…

4. Spring Fever

This is one of my favorite sets, too. What I like about it that it is very funky, but does not stay in one genre. I am actually happy to see that a lot of you like that, too, because I also love sets that are a little broader in their music selection.

5. Fireworks

This was actually an old set that I recorded before I launched Sweet Headache. I posted it once at the very beginning to test if everything is working, but it seems that this colorful mix of HipHop, Funk and Electronic sounds is indeed a good party soundtrack.

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Marvis is the founder of Sweet Headache. He lives in Cologne (Germany) and has been a music nerd for a long, long time.

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