Sweet Headache 027: “Strange Elements”

Strange Element

I had planned to create a Downbeat mix for a while. However, this mix is not your typical chill out-style mix, but something that sounds down-to-earth and alien at the same time. Based on straight HipHop grooves, it’s probably a good soundtrack to dust off your favorite smoking tool…

Nerditional information: Dadamnphreaknoizphunk used to be just a collection of Downbeat tracks by the Acid-Techno veterans Hardfloor. After two EPs that were so different from what they normally produce, they decided to separate their musical activities into these two projects. I have been a big fan of their Downbeat tracks for quite a while, and it is great to see how their original Acid-TripHop evolved over time. It started with just some TripHop beats and effected 303 sounds, but their latest album even has vocals. Love it!

Talking about TripHop, you can’t get around mentioning Massive Attack. Being (more or less) the inventors of that sound, it’s great to see that they’re still active and produce great material. However, their older releases (like the beautiful Teardrop) still sound fresh.

I got to know Dynamo Productions through their releases on Unique Records which was one of my favorite labels for quite a while. I have to admit that I lost track of their releases a while ago, but their Funky-HipHop-Breakbeat style still resonates with me.


  1. The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist
  2. Dynamo Productions – Back To Basics (Jimi Entley Sound Remix)
  3. Dadamnphreaknoizphunk – Orange Crush
  4. Spatnej Wliw – Den 9 (RMX Instrumental)
  5. Erwin Lehn Orchestra and Stereo MCs – Color
  6. Hardfloor – Dubdope
  7. Röyksopp – Eple
  8. Fever Ray – When I Grow Up (Version by Lissvik)
  9. Massive Attack – Pray For Rain (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)
  10. Dynamo Productions – Hey Yeah!
  11. Kinobe – Summer In The Studio

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rizzato/2435080104/ // CC-by-nc

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