Sweet Headache feat. Alex B. Groove

Alex B. Groove ( (c) Axel Schulten)

I seem to have a talent for finding DJs who are about to leave the country. After interviewing Elodie & Thompson who left for Ibiza for the summer, one of the first things that Alex B. Groove told me when I asked him for an interview:

“Sure, we can do the interview, but we have to make it soon as I am about to leave for Barranquilla in Colombia for two years.”

I hope it’s not me who’s driving good DJs out of the country…

Anyway, here’s a DJ set by Alex B. Groove that he gave me to share with you.

It’s a busy time for Alex right now. Not only is he packing all of his stuff into boxes to get them shipped to another continent, but he is also in the process of making the video for his new single “You Make Me”.

“The video is going to be awesome! There are some great people like the director Axel Schulten working on th video. We all just want the video to look perfect. Also the singer, Alison Degbe, is acting so good and let´s not forget the wonderfull styling and make up lady Baffy Schroth. I am so grateful for that, and I am very happy with the results so far. We just need a few more sunny days to film the last few scenes.”

Without friends, you are not really going anywhere in the music scene. This lesson is very important to Alex B. Groove, and while he has collected a lot of valuable contacts over the years, it is very important for him to always be friendly and down-to-earth.

“I was introduced to a professional producer at a party when I was still a teenager. We got along quite well, and I often visited him in his studio and learnt a lot from him. In the first year, I usually sat behind him in the studio. In the second year, I sat next to him. Finally, in the third year, he let me sit in front of him in the studio. That was a very important time for me. In the following years, I worked in the music business as an A&R, but this job is not good for an idealist like me. You just have to justify your decisions all the time to people who don’t really care about music. However, during those years, I got to know a lot of people that I am still in contact with today. It’s a give-and-take, but it’s important to refresh people’s memory from time to time. For example, that’s how I got to do a remix for the well-known German HipHop band Die Fantastischen Vier. We both come from the same region, we met a few times and they liked my sound.”

With such a strong network in Germany, leaving the country seems to be a big risk for his musical career. Following his girlfriend, who accepted a position as a teacher in Colombia, Alex wants to concentrate on making music and trying out new things – and he is optimistic about that.

“I know it won’t be easy there because no one knows me. However, I will have my musical equipment with me and I will continue making music. I would also love to get in contact with local musicians and see what I could do with them. Apart from House music, I have also produced quite a bit of Lounge music with my band Senator Plus, and getting an authentic latin flavor into my Lounge productions would be great.”

Alex B. Groove ( (c) FM Gonzales )

Update: Here is the video for “You Make Me”.

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