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Live visuals are one of the things that make it unique to experience music during a performance. When this is done well, this can really make the event much more special and enjoyable.

Today, I saw a video that made me think about how good live visuals actually could be:

What I love about this video is that music and visuals seem to become one. What you see perfectly fits to what you hear and vice versa.

For comparison: What you usually get to see at electronic music events is something like this.

Don’t get me wrong, these are certainly nice-looking visuals that fit well to the DJ performance.

I just feel that there is an extra mile worth going here: VJs often simply add an extra layer to the music. They use pre-cut video loops that they put together during their performance to match the DJ’s performance. If the VJ is good, he/she actually manages to sync the video to the beats.

But why do you never see video performances that actually match to the melodies or whatever is going on in the track? I assume that current VJ tools just aren’t made for this kind of interaction between music and visuals – but this is definitely something that could take live visuals one step further.

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  1. It’s actually a question of the software which is being used. I experimented with visual jockey some years ago, which was capable to sync layers, movies and fx to certain frequencies and even the panning without any limitations. Because VJing is quite expensive if someone wants to get into seriously a lot of good software was discontinued. Sad, but true…

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