Remix Art III : Acoustification

I went to see [re:jazz] in concert last week. They are a really awesome Jazz band, and the idea behind their music is quite remarkable: They play electronic music tracks as a Jazz band and do not just re-play the tracks, but truly re-invent them.

The originals usually come from well-known electronic artists like Air, Rockers Hifi, 4Hero or Goldie. Here’s an example:

For comparison: The original was done by Drum&Bass pioneer Goldie.

However, [re:jazz] is not alone with this idea. For example, there is a japanese band called A Hundred Birds who play well-known club classics. They usually stick closer to the original, but the results are also pretty amazing.

Another example comes from Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson who also did a whole album of acoustified versions of electronic tracks:

Technically, these productions are not remixes, but rather re-interpretations or covers versions. However, this shows nicely that the relation between electronic music and hand-made music does not have to be limited to sampling and remixing.

It doesn’t stop here though: To add one more mind-boggling iteration, [re:jazz] have just released a new album called “Electrified” that features electronic remixes of their rejazzified versions of electronic tracks…

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