Sweet Headache 008: “Rocket Science”

After exploring the melodic side of Drum&Bass in Sweet Headache 003: Snowball Fight , I wanted to record a darker and harder DnB-mix. It’s still kinda playful, so it shouldn’t really be rocket science to enjoy this mix. A glass of jet fuel might be a good drink along with this.

  1. Sub Focus – Rock It
  2. Rob Sparks – Disintegration
  3. Jade – Pulp Friction
  4. Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank (Mulder’s Urban Takeover Remix)
  5. Enea – Kill
  6. Sub Focus – Timewarp
  7. Enter Shikaru – Juggernauts (Nero Remix)
  8. Gimbal&Sinan – Take Off (Dreadmaul Remix)
  9. Bennie G. & Zeven – Anthem
  10. Santogold – Unstoppable (Calculon and Eric Yo! Remix)
  11. Dieselboy & Kaos – Barrier Break
  12. Psidream & MC Mecha – Atomsmash
  13. Concord Dawn – Raining Blood

Nerditional Information: It took me a while to remember why the vocal sample in Enea’s “Kill” sounded familiar: “HAL, despite your enormous intellect, are you ever frustrated by your dependence on people to carry out actions?” – “Not in the slightest bit. I enjoy working with people.” This is a quote from Stanley Kubrick’s classic “2001” – and using this quote in a track called “Kill” can certainly be interpreted as dark irony.

Sub Focus are one of my favorite Drum&Bass acts in recent times. Their last album includes both straight, high-quality DnB-smashers as well as some good and unusual House tunes. I believe that it’s often a good thing if an artist takes a shot at a different genre, so kudos to them! If you haven’t seen it, check out the video for Sub Focus’ “Rock It”!

The last track (“Raining Blood”) is based on a Heavy Metal song (Slayer’s “Raining Blood”). I used to listen to Metal for a while, so may that’s why Concord Dawn’s rework resonates with me. The original is quite different though…

Thanks to Nils for recommending Diesel Boy!

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/2397259329/ // CC

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Marvis is the founder of Sweet Headache. He lives in Cologne (Germany) and has been a music nerd for a long, long time.

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  1. You’re welcome! Listening to the mix now. 🙂

  2. I would appreciate more visual materials, to make your blog more attractive, but your writing style really compensates it. But there is always place for improvement

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