Sweet Headache feat. Sven Mergener

I recently heard DJ Sven Mergener at one of his Resolution Lounge events, and his melodic Techno sound clearly stood out from what you usually hear in bars and clubs around here. I asked him if he’d be willing to do a feature for Sweet Headache, and he said yes!

First of all, he gave me a DJ set to share with you:


  1. Paul Kalkbrenner –  Steinbeisser (Wighnomy Brothers Remix)
  2. Coma – Brown – Dogtown
  3. Sarah Goldfarb – 200 (Breaking down remix)
  4. Chordian – The End is Night
  5. Bukaddor & Fishbeck – Riffpunk
  6. Chordian – Closed Eyes – Soniculture
  7. Paul Kalkbrenner – Torted
  8. m2 – 01.01-00.07.30h
  9. Gui Boratto & Martin Eyrer – The Island
  10. Gui Boratto – No Turning Back
  11. Robert Babicz – Astor
  12. Rodriguez jr. – Lila
  13. white label
  14. Matt K. & boy toy – Kultur

I also asked him to do a real interview, so a few weeks later, we meet at his studio in an old industrial building.

Sven Mergener DJing

The purpose of this studio is to kick my own ass.Sven explains.
“I am serious about music, and I have my goals, so I rented this studio. I just needed a place for my music.”

What struck me about Sven’s sound was that it is very melodic, but still has a strong beat. He tells me that what matters most in a track is “Deepness” by which he means “a sound that comes from below and slowly builds up. Melodies are very important, too. Just rhythm isn’t enough.”

Being a trained event technician by education, Sven certainly knows a thing or two about sound. A great soundsystem is something he describes as necessary to “become one with the music” and to truly enjoy a party.This is also one of the things he misses at most parties:

Many event organizers just don’t try hard enough when it comes to sound. For my Resolution parties, I definitely want to raise the bar here. I just know how a good sound system is supposed to sound like. For example, the system in Berlin’s Berghain club is fantastic!”

After mentioning the Berlin club scene, it is not surprising that he names Paul Kalkbrenner as one of his favorite artists right now. Paul Kalkbrenner has been getting a lot of attention lately by being the lead actor in the movie “Berlin Calling” where he plays a DJ struggling with his drug problem and a series of other issues. However, Sven Mergener does not attribute the current hype around the movie for naming Paul Kalkbrenner:“He is just a very good musician, and I have known and loved his music years before the movie came out. It’s kinda strange that he gets so much attention lately, but in a way, this is also a good thing since it promotes some very good music.”

For the near future, Sven has two main goals: Apart from establishing his Resolution parties as regular events, he is also eager to be a producing artist, not just a DJ. “I definitely want to have my first release out in the next year. What I absolutely want to use is lots of analogue synthesizers. Digital technology is fine for recording and controlling purposes, but there is something about the warm sound of analogue synthesizers that digital technology just can’t reproduce. Analogue sound is not that polished, and that’s just what I like.”

It’s not only the synthesizers where he scoffs at digital technology. When it comes to DJing, he is strongly convinced of vinyl records being supreme to digital DJ tools. DJ software just makes it too easy. You don’t need to know how to mix, and many DJs actually don’t really know how to mix any more. For me, this would take the whole fun out of DJing.”

Sven Mergener producing

If you would like to hear Sven Mergener live, there will be a chance next Saturday.
His Resolution party will be at Feb.27, 9 pm at the Kolbhalle in Cologne:


  • Tandem
  • Dirk Middeldorf
  • Sven Mergener
  • O’Jansen
  • Thomas Lachmann
  • Sersch&Sanei
  • Solanace
  • Plus an “Anarcho-Burlesque Show by the Pepperellas

Sven also hosts regular Resolution Lounge events in the Stadt Venlo.

Fotos by Birgit Schiffer // www.pfirsichfarben.de

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