Mix #97: “Peachy House”

Time for some good House music! This mix is a blend of some of the many different flavors of House music, it goes from groovy to techy, from  smooth to rough and back again. Here it is:

Solomun’s “Kackvogel” (German for “shitbird”) has been one of the big hits in House music this year, at least in Germany. Very groovy, great bassline  and simply kicks ass! There is a nice video for this one as well.

I heard the last two tracks of this set when I was recently booked together with Drauf und Dran in Cologne. Great dancefloor tracks that make everyone clearly recognize the originals without being too cheesy.

Here is the tracklist:
  • Solomun –  Kackvogel
  • Studio R – A + R (Llorca Remix)
  • Salt n Pepa – Push It (Audio Jacker Remix)
  • TV Rock feat. Dino – Speakers Gonna Blow
  • Wu-Tang / Coldcuts – C.R.E.A.M (Benny Kane’s Congo Mix)
  • Secret Service Classics – A1
  • 16th Street – Inhale
  • Nate Laurence – Prodigies (Original Mix)
  • Chocolate Puma & Gregor Salto – Tragito De Ron (Original Mix)
  • Tristan Garner & Gregori Klosman  – Fuckin Down
  • Drauf & Dran – Das Imperium spielt verrückt
  • Beck – Loser (David Jones Remix)

Image: Heather Culligan // CC-by-nc

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