Mix #94: “Dancing Leafs”

dancing leaf

It seems a long time ago since I recorded my last mix. What was happened? Autumn has happened. It’s amazing how much harder it is to motivate yourself when it gets darker and colder outside. Of course, I didn’t stop listening to music, and maybe I just needed to find the right sounds for this season to get my lazy ass behind the decks again.

This mix nicely reflects my feelings right now: They are all somewhat melancholic, but also very warm and melodic – and they certainly can make you dance.

Klangkarusell’s “Sonnentanz” and Fritz Kalkbrenner’s “Get a Life” are two tracks that I have heard in mainstream radio quite frequently in the last few weeks. This surprised me a bit, since they aren’t typical radio songs. In the latter case, it might have helped that Fritz Kalkbrenner is the brother of Paul Kalkbrenner who has been getting a lof of airplay with his track “Sky and Sand” – but “Get  a Life” sounds like much more than a track that was simply made for a quick buck, and that’s why I included it here.

“A2” by my friend Daniel Herfen a.k.a. Chris Summer (also interviewed here a while ago) is the second track on his freshly released “Urban EP”. I have always felt that he is a very talented producer, and his recent and upcoming releases have a good chance of making more people aware of that.

DB Boulevard’s “Point Of View” is already a couple of years old, but I still love that track for its lyrics and its overall mood. This is one of the few tracks that I bought again on vinyl even though I already had it on CD – I only do that for tracks that I really find special.


  • Klangkarussell – Sonnentanz (Original Version)
  • Marek Hemmann – Gemini
  • Dizzy – Ming&Fs
  • Hot Chip – Flutes (Tong & Rogers Remix)
  • Lukas Graham – Ordinary Things (Wankelmut Remix)
  • Daniel Herfen – A 2
  • Fritz Kalkbrenner – Get a Life (Original Mix)
  • Oliver Koletzki feat. Jan Blomqvist – The Devil In Me (Format B Remix)
  • Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light (House of Stank Remix)
  • My Digital Enemy – Ware’s the House (Roter & Lewis Vocal Mix)
  • Mick Verma – U Are My Alcohol (Original Mix)
  • DB Boulevard – Point Of View

Image: Lorenzo T. // CC-by-nc-nd

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