Sweet Headache 079: Breaking the Surface

I haven’t played a lot of Techno or Tech-House recently, and I am not even sure why. However, I got to play a set with a few DJ friends in a small bar in Cologne, and while listening to their sounds and talking about it, I noticed something that I really liked about this sound: It can be deep, almost hypnotic and still very powerful at the same time.

While I had been listening to more dynamic styles recently, I am rediscovering straight Techno beats at the moment. This mix shows what I am listening to right now: It’s dark Techno from deep under the surface combined with bouncy Tech-House that will let your thoughts fly and your legs dance.

I simply had to use my own remix of “Unterwegs” in this mix. It just fit in so nicely, and I still am very proud of this production. It combines a lot of the things that I like: Banging beats, slow buildups and multi-layered soundscapes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Some of the tracks in this mix are actually a bit older: For example, Headleand’s “Nitefall” was already release in 2006, and Micah’s “Alpha & Omega” (on Jetlag Digital) was released in 2009. Still, they are both killer tracks and I didn’t even notice they were already a few years old until I looked it up.

Among the newer productions in this mix are “R&S” by QuestionmarQ, a nice deep Tech-House track is exactly the kind of hypnotic, but banging sound that I was looking for.

I would also like to highlight “Blue From My Window” by Airbus Modular. This one takes a while to develop, but I just love the melody in the second half. Very nice work!


  • Headland – Nitefall (Kriece remix)
  • Kioskvandalen – Unterwegs (Marvis Remix)
  • Jeff Bennett – Sediment
  • Mandy vs. Booka Shade – Home (Tim Green remix)
  • QuestionmarQ – R & S
  • Micah – Alpha & Omega (Oliver Morgenroth Remix)
  • Antix – Hit The Wrong Button
  • Airbus Modular – Blue From My Window
  • Radionasty – Radio 1
  • Noir & Richard Davis – Found Out
  • Umek – Sunday At El Row
  • DJ Madskillz – Carnival Chaos (Format B Remix)
  • Drauf & Dran – La Bikke
  • FLG & F-Man – The Joker

Image: Gagilas // CC-by-sa

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